Everything You Need to Know About Induction Cooktops

Induction cooktops use electromagnetic energy and specialized cookware to cook food without generating heat on the actual “burner”.

If you’re looking to outfit your new kitchen design or renovation with the latest in appliance technology, an induction cooktop can be a great fit. Induction cooktops are sleek and feature a way to cook food that doesn’t emit any heat, making this one of the safest and most energy-efficient cooking methods out there. How do induction cooktops work, and what can they offer to your kitchen that other cooktop varieties can’t? Here’s what you need to know!

Induction Cooking – Using the Power of Electromagnetic Energy

One of the most distinctive elements of induction cooktops is the way that they can cook without emitting heat from the “burners”. This is due to the innovative technology behind the unit, which uses an electromagnetic field to generate heat. A high-frequency induction coil sits underneath the cooking surface and interacts with specially designed iron cookware to create the electromagnetic energy needed to cook food. The iron in the cookware makes it magnetic which allows for the transfer of this energy from the coil underneath to the cooking surface.

What Do Induction Cooktops Bring to the Table?

Compared to gas and electric cooktops, we can see that induction cooktops have a number of advantages over them that are worth considering if you’re shopping around for a new cooktop unit. These benefits include:

  • Quick Cooking: The transfer of electromagnetic energy from the cooktop to the cooking surface happens much more quickly than electric or gas flames. It can allow you to save a few minutes on cook time every time you use it, which, over an extended period, can add up to more time spent with your family.
  • Best-in-Class Energy Efficiency: Because the transfer of electromagnetic energy happens directly, it is considered to be the most energy-efficient type of cooktop you can buy.
  • Safety Features: Induction cooktops do not generate heat on the surface of the unit, which can make them great choices for families with small children. In addition, this feature also allows for easy cleanup of the unit day in and day out. No heat means that any food elements that spill onto the cooktop surface won’t cook onto it.
  • Precision Controls: Induction cooking allows for very precise control of the cooktop unit, meaning you’ll be able to simmer, melt, or boil whatever you need to at the proper temperature.

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