Trending in Kitchen Design: Modern Glass Collection by Café

For a sleek, minimalist look to your kitchen design, the new Modern Glass collection by Cafe is a perfect choice!

Happy new year from all of us at ADU! 2020 is shaping up to be a good year if you’re planning to remodel your kitchen or designing a new one from scratch. There are many different paths that lead to a well-designed, modern-looking kitchen with great functionality. The brand Café recently debuted a new collection of kitchen appliances, the Modern Glass collection, that you should definitely check out if your preferred kitchen aesthetic is sleek, futuristic, or even minimalist! We’re keeping our eye on the ways that this collection of appliances can be used in your kitchen.

State of the Art Design

The Modern Glass collection is the newest set of appliances from Café, and as such it features state of the art design cues. The appliances are sleek, featuring angular lines and a reflective glass finish. One of the most striking aspects of this collection is the way the handles on the units are deemphasized in the design (integrating into the overall look of the unit), or even eliminated altogether. This gives the Modern Glass collection one of the most urban, modern aesthetics of any appliance collection currently on the market and can open new avenues in your kitchen design. Some homeowners have begun opting for a kitchen style that tries to do away with all handles, including in the cabinetry and drawers, which creates a very sleek, minimal aesthetic. For years, the choice of appliances to pair with this look was slim, but the Café Modern Glass collection makes this kitchen style a lot more accessible for those trying to achieve this look in their own kitchens.

The Latest Technological Features

In addition to looking great, the Modern Glass collection also features some of the latest appliance technology to make them function well in your kitchen. For example, the Platinum Glass French Door refrigerator boasts a convertible drawer with customizable temperatures and Soft Freeze technology as well as an Auto Fill button on the water dispenser, which uses sensors to determine exactly how much filtered water to dispense into any glass. The range features a stunning digital temperature display and an electronic touchpad for easy control of the unit. And the wall oven can come with convection or GE Advantium technology while also boasting an amazing, full-color digital display and smart technology to allow for remote control of the unit through the Café app.

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