Cube Controls Formula Sport Wheel Review

Back in February 2019 I did a review on Cube Controls first Formula wheel offering. It was their high end wheel at the time. The Sport wheel is the entry level wheel of the three different models they offer now. So no clutches, or lit buttons, except for the toggles, on this unit. But it does come with all the latest design changes. I like the way Cube has increased the stiffness of their wheel by adding 6 more mounting points to the nice looking carbon fiber front plate. The new grips on this wheel offer a shape that is deeper than they are wide. I thought them to be very comfortable while I was using it. And the new injection grip material can be used with or without gloves. I used it with gloves during my testing sessions and never had any issue with slipping. The 13 buttons give a decent tactile feel when pressed. And the angled button shields give you extra tactile guidance to your intended button. A plus for VR racers too. The 7 way joystick is a treat to use, and has a nice texture to it. I only wish there were 2 of them instead of 1. But I say that any time I review a wheel with only one. The front rotories give a good sense of feel. Nicely spaced detents make it easy to turn and not overshoot your intended setting. The
aluminum housing in the rear is nicely machined and finished. The circuit board inside is a very professional looking unit. Keeping with what I have seen thus far when testing any wheel from Cube Contols. The carbon and aluminum shifters have a good range of adjustability for an F1 styled wheel. And being switchless in design, should give a long life cycle. They are also a pleasure to use. Giving you a nice
crisp tactile click when activated. I like the design of the hub you use for mounting. Allowing you to use either 70mm or 50.8mm quick release adapters. Not really anything to not like with this wheel.
It has no bad habits I could find and seems to be one that is built well enough to last a long time.

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