DOFReality H2 Review

After reviewing the M2 seat mover platform from DOFReality, I came away thinking that it needed some improvements to how the motion was delivered. With this H2 platform I was able to test the changes that DOFReality has made. I have to say they have certainly improved their systems. With new motors that are 1500rmp units instead of the former 3000rpm motors I originally tested. The lash in the gear box assemblies has also been made much tighter than the older gearboxes. And the gear ratios have been changed from 1:50 to 1:25. There is a damper option available now and my testing results seem to indicate that they are worth adding to the H2. Putting the H2 together did take some time but wasn’t very difficult. With the only real drama of having to drill some holes in the pedal plate to accommodate the Thrustmaster pedal base I was using. And having to enlarge the mounting holes in the damper brackets to get the M10 bolts through them. The quality of the materials used in the H2 frame is about what I expected considering the price point of this assembly. The driving experience was much better than that I had with the M2. With an overall smoother delivery of motion queues. The Sim Racing Studio controller software that is available for all the DOFReality motion platforms was a treat to use. Especially when compared to setting up and using SimTools. I ended up using a profile that Sim Racing studios had on their website. Just a bit of tweaking got the motion to where I thought it felt best. The driving experience has also improved a lot from when I reviewed the M2 seat mover a few months back. Overall I think the H2 is a good unit for getting into a motion system without breaking the bank. I believe the DOFReality products are some the least expensive out there right now. So, worth a look I think.

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