Dirt Rally 2.0 : Force Feedback Settings Guide

While we’re waiting for the supposed updates to the force feedback in Dirt Rally 2.0, here are some current settings that I feel are getting the most of the current model.

General Settings

Under ‘Advanced Settings’ in the game options, Steering Saturation should be equal to the following equation

540 / (Control panel wheel rotation / 100).

For example, if my wheel base is set to 900 degrees in the control panel. Dirt Rally 2.0 uses a 540 degree steering rack model, hence the 540 in the equation. Running the calculation comes out to 60. That’s the steering saturation we want to be using.

Fanatec Specifics

In the settings menu of the wheel base itself I am running the following settings.

  • SEn : Auto
  • FF : 100
  • SHo : OFF
  • AbS : 100
  • dri : OFF
  • For : 100
  • SPr : OFF
  • dPr : OFF
  • FEI : 50

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