Assetto Corsa Competizione Nissan GTR & Monza Review

The developers of Assetto Corsa Competizione, Kunos Simulazioni, released the long awaited "Release 6" recently, featuring many improvements to the sim and the inclusion of a new car in the shape of the mighty Nissan GTR GT3 (2015 & 2018 versions) and the ever popular Monza circuit. So how do these new additions perform?

Nissan GTR GT3

Kunos have introduced two new Nissan GTR GT3s, the 2015 and 2018 models from the Blancpain Endurance Series into the sim with its latest update, making it the first time that there has been more than one introduced.

The Nissan GTR certainly lives up to AC:C standards with its model and texturing, brilliant as always and a very accurate representation from the outside, including versions of each car with extra lights that have been used in 24hr or 6hr races in the Blancpain Endurance Series, giving you the choice to run in any scenario you like. The differences can be seen between the different year models of the car too, with the main visual change being the updated steering wheel that is more in line with the wheels commonly found in modern GT3s.

On a sound front the brilliant car audio seen in previous additions has once again continued, providing the user with a very authentic and immersive sound as you hear the V6 engine roar.

Upon driving the Nissan its unique handling characteristics can be felt straight away, the car is very stable as to be expected from a large platform GT3 with good weight distribution, however the car is also nimble through the technical sections too and can keep up with the mid engined cars even in the trickiest of corners, which is unique to the GTR as the car does not feel as floaty as similar platforms and layouts like the BMW M6 and Bentley GT3 cars. In the faster sections the cars aero helps keep the rear end planted and does not suffer from any understeer or oversteer on even the aggressive base setups, overall a very stable and good handling car.

Overall the Nissan GTR GT3 is a fantastic new addition to the sim, living up to Kunos’ high quality work in all areas, with its realistic handling and its beautiful model it’s certainly a welcome one for us.

We score the Nissan GTR GT3 9/10

Monza is a fan favourite among the simracing community and Kunos didn’t disappoint once again. The very high speed long straights and technical chicanes provide for some exciting door to door racing in the brilliant GT3 cars provided.

The high speed circuit is expertly modelled and is very highly detailed. The attention to detail included with this track is immense, every curb is modelled brilliantly, all of the trucks and event details from the actual Blancpain Endurance Series event at Monza is included in this track, even if you never notice it whilst driving, which shows a brilliant amount of detail. The track however is missing the advertising bridge above the entry to the second chicane, this is likely due to a licensing/sponsor issue rather than an issue with Kunos’ representation of the track in AC:C

The racing at Monza as many know from other simulations is very high speed, door to door action, which in GT3 cars is a lot of fun! The AI aren’t afraid to go for ambitious moves that can be seen in real world GT3 racing which all adds up to a very immersive experience as you fly down the long straights 3 wide all trying to out brake each other into the complex chicanes whilst trying to avoid the monstrous curbs that can end your day.

Overall the attention to detail combined with the fantastic racing that is provided with this track allows for a very immersive and fun simracing experience, we recommend downloading this update and getting straight out there!

We also score Monza 9/10

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