Sim Lab P1-X Sim Racing Chassis Review

I’ve been using my P1 cockpit for almost two years now. It has yet to fail me in any way. So, when I heard that Sim Lab was going to bring out an updated P1, now called the P1-X, I was at first concerned that some of the changes it would bring to the table would not be to my liking. But, when I saw that the P1-X was essentially going to be a P1 with a new pedal tray configuration I breathed a sigh of relief. As too many manufactures change things that already work great and the result is less
than what they had before. My P1-X kit was delivered in what I consider to be as good a packaging solution that one use to minimize the potential for damage. Of course when shipping such heavy materials there is always the possibility that damage can occur if not handled properly. The P1-X kit I received had all the required hardware to complete the assembly process. So, no last minute trips to the hardware store to source some missing bolts or screws. I think once you become familiar with the way the fastening system works with aluminum profile, you won’t want to construct a cockpit any other way. I can’t think of a more easier or versatile material to use here. As most of you know I am constantly changing things on my cockpit to accommodate various review material. And my former P1 and now the new P1-X,
certainly shine in this respect. Making my job a lot easier. The new pedal tray that the P1-X sports is a very heavy duty unit that finally gives us the ability to raise the pedal tray to different heights ensuring you can get a proper ergonomic seating position. If only other cockpit manufactures would take notice of this much needed but
mostly missing pedal tray feature. The wheelbase mount solutions offered by Sim Lab cover any of the existing wheelbases currently on the market. And the Direct Drive wheel mounts offered by Sim Lab are rock solid solutions that in my opinion are essential to realizing all the fine details your Direct Drive wheelbases is capable of delivering. Now buying a profile cockpit in kit form is not the only way to go when looking to build an aluminum extrusion cockpit. But I have to say, it is a great way to go when you want to minimize the drama of sourcing all the hardware and fastener bits you will need. And the Sim Lab P1-X kit will make you life much easier in that regard. As everything you need is in a kit that is delivered to your door. The Sim Lab P1 and now the P1-X, are the cockpits to have if you want a rock solid racing platform that is easy to customize to your own personal requirements. And I’m not the only one who thinks this, as there is currently a three week waiting period to get one shipped.

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