Sim Lab P1 Upgrade Kit

When a new version of an existing product comes out. Sometimes people can feel a bit left out in the cold. Especially if the new version offers something that they would like to upgrade on their existing product. There are some manufactures who do not have a path forward for the person who bought the original product. Only by buying the new product can the existing customer get the new parts. I happy to say the Sim-Lab is not one of those companies. Now you can upgrade to the newer parts offered in the P1-X cockpit by purchasing this upgrade kit. The kit only has two new bits of hardware. Which is a testament to how right they got the original P1 cockpit. I received the kit because of the new pedal tray unit.
The heavy duty feet that comes with the kit are quite nice. They add both a sturdier stance to the P1 and what I think is a nice aesthetic or look. The feet are capable of providing your cockpit with a level stance even if your floor is not. Now on to the piece I wanted for my P1, the pedal tray. It seems that most cockpit solutions out there today just don’t have enough elevation available in their pedal trays. Not sure why manufacturers continue to ignore this issue. They don’t have any problem engineering a tilt element to their pedal trays, but miss on the fact that we would like to be able to raise our pedal sets higher without having to build a pedestal to do it. This is an ergonomic issue. The more level you pedals are with you seat, the more comfortable a Sim Racer will be. Thankfully Sim-Lab has addressed this issue with this new tray. For the first time since I can remember, I didn’t have to raise the level of my pedals by building a profile platform under them. All I have to do it raise the pedal tray. Brilliant! Hopefully other cockpit manufactures will get a clue and follow suit. I really like this pedal tray. Made from heavy duty materials and weighing in at around 17lbs. It provides a very solid platform for you pedals that has no perceivable flex. Just a treat to use. Now not is all is perfect here as with most things in life, I had to lose something to get something. And that is ease in adjusting the fore and aft position of the original P1 pedal tray. Now I have to loosen eight M8 bolts to make that adjustment. So something to consider if you have other people using the same rig who require an adjustment to pedal tray location. Also, you can get the upgraded foot kit by itself, but not the pedal tray on its own. Something I would like to see changed. Overall I think you do get yours moneys worth with this kit if you are looking to upgrade you P1 with these new components.

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