Penguin r/c PSMOD_27lc Wheelbox Review

Building a custom wheel setup for your Sim Racing duties is something a lot of guys eventually want to do. It’s nice to have options when trying to decide what you think you want or need. And here is a company that may have what you are looking for. The 27lc button box is a well sorted build I think. Made from stiff and durable G10 plates, and 3D printed PLA filament, it is light and strong. And weight is one of the things to consider when putting together a wheel that will match well with the power levels your wheelbase is able to deliver. The buttons used on the 27lc seem to be of pretty good quality. I have tried many different buttons in this style, and these seem to be among the ones that have felt good to me. I like the way that Brion has maximized the functionality of such a small space. Using a selector switch paired with 2 buttons to deliver 24 separate functions is a great idea. The shifters on this plate are of the spring design. While they don’t deliver the level of tactile feedback we get from magnetic style shifters. They do get the job done without any dramas. And they do bring their own benefits to the table. If you need a quite shifter so as not to disturb those around you while racing, then this is the style that will meet that requirement. At a price of 300.00 I think this button plate deserves a look if you are looking to build a custom wheel setup without breaking the bank.

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