New Cockpits from Sim-Lab Announced

Sim-Lab has announced a couple new cockpit models to add to their line-up, including a new model to fit into their sub-$500 bracket!

Sim-Lab is regarded to as one of the more popular 80/20 based cockpit distributers in the Sim Racing world, with a wide variety of cockpits and add-ons available for a competitive price. One of their popular cockpits was the “GT Cup” cockpit, which came in under the $500 price tag. Recently, that model was discontinued, and many were wondering what will replace the Cup in that price bracket.

Now we know that the newest “Entry Level” cockpit from Sim-Lab will be the GT1 Evo! The new cockpit features a similar framework to the GT1 cockpit, but it appears to be potentially using some thinner components, to shave off some weight. The pedal plate and wheel deck feature new machined components, which is a welcome improvement over the Cup’s design. The new wheel deck is compatible with wheels from Logitech, Thrustmaster, and Fanatec (including the upcoming Podium Series wheels). The pedal plate is compatible with Logitech, Thrustmaster, Fanatec, and Heusinkveld pedals. The GT1 Evo is also compatible with the Wheel Deck and Front Mounting wheel plates, if you are looking to use other wheels on the rig, such as an Open Sim Wheel.

The GT1 Evo cockpit will be available in Silver (€399) and Black (€499). It will be available once the Sim-Lab store re-opens on August 11th.

In addition, another eagerly awaited cockpit will be coming this August as well! Back in September of last year, Team Redline announced that they will be partnering up with Sim-Lab, and putting out a special version of the GT2 cockpit. Dubbed the “TeamRedline TR1”, this rig will feature a black anodized aluminum look, with matte black components. While it doesn’t look as… “Team Redline-y” as the initial images back in 2017, but I feel the more subtle look is a little better. The newly designed wheel deck looks particularly nice, and hopefully that will find its way to the base model GT2 rig as well.

The Sim-Lab TeamRedline TR1 will be available on August 11th, and will retail for €495.

I should be getting the TR1 cockpit GT1 Evo in the next month or so to review, so stay tuned to the Sim Racing Paddock Youtube Channel for the review coming soon!

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