JCL V4 4DOF D-BOX Motion Cockpit Review

JC Godard is man who drives his own race car in real races. So, if anyone is qualified to build a simulator to replicate the feeling of driving a real race car it would someone like him. And I think the resulting immersion you get from the V4 is proof of that. When I first saw videos of the V4 platform in action, It didn’t look as though the driver would feel much more than some good braking effects as you
are pressed into harness, and that would be it. As with many things in the Sim Racing hardware world, pictures or videos are not
a good way to judge how a motion system is working. Selecting D-Box to provide motion elements in the V4 was a wise choice. In my
opinion it is the best actuator motion system when you want a seasoned, fully developed, turn key system. With an intuitive and easy to use user interface, it will also be an easier solution to support and service once the system has been deployed and is in use by the costumer. The V4 platform uses the 4 actuator Gen 2 4250i kit from D-Box as the base motion element providing the usual awesome tactile, pitch, roll, and heave motion elements. With a single 1250i 3 inch actuator to provide the forth DOF motion element, Surge.
The build quality of the V4 chassis is certainly at a commercial level. Very well laid out cable management and heavy duty corner brackets are use throughout the build. The very clever slider system that JCL has developed here works a treat. The thick cockpit
slider brackets mount to an hour glass shaped rail which looks to me to be made from a Delrin like material. The actual slider mechanism houses two opposing rows of ball bearings riding on the upper ridge of the rail. Providing a very slick movement, while
requiring minimal effort to move. This system is also used, on the quick controls adjusting elements adding a locking system that is so well made it only requires minimal effort to release and secure. Speaking of the quick controls feature on the V4 I am testing here. If you have the need to quickly change between different sized drivers, like in a game center environment, or a simulator that a race team use. The quick controls feature is a must I would think. Making control location changes could not be easier, or quicker. Now let’s talk a bit about the Surge DOF that this system delivers. JCL and D-Box have been collaborating on this result for more than two years. And the
final result is something that will change your mind about how effective the Surge effect can be. It is much more than just a chassis that moves forward under breaking. It replicates the varying amount of G force you feel under all braking conditions. Continuing to squeeze you against the harness belts as you reach the end of you braking threshold marks. It does this with a surprising amount of finesse and accuracy that you need to experience fully appreciate. Then there is the awesome effect of engine braking the system delivers. This is the first time I have been in any motion solution that can do this. To actually feel a race cars engine braking while feathering the throttle in a corner is quite an eye opener. And allows you to learn a certain cars handling characteristics unlike I ever have before. The shifting queues the V4 delivers are also the best I have felt to date. Having your whole cockpit pop forward during up shifts is of course much better than just pitch motion, or what a tactile solution can deliver. Overall the V4 D-Box solution that I received has made me change the way I look at motion simulation now. The configuration that D-Box and JCL has developed for this V4 system is spot on. Not hard to see that there were many hours of development being put in here to deliver something so convincing. This is the first time I had other drivers ask me when would be the earliest they could come back to the SRG and have another session in this V4 full motion platform. Now, you can buy this platform in many different configuration levels. The V4 is a very flexible design that can be used with a cockpit
of your choosing. Like a Sim Lab P1-X. All you have to do is tell JCL how wide you cockpit is and they can build the V4 platform to fit it.
Then professionally crate it up and ship it to anywhere in the world. If you have the means the V4 would be an awesome motion system
to own no doubt.

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