Fanatec Podium DD1 Review

When I reviewed the DD2 Podium wheelbase a few months ago, I said that I thought the Outrunner motor in it was a good one for delivering Force Feedback queues. And I could not find any bad
habits in its overall performance. I also said that it was early days for Fanatec as far as Direct Drive products were concerned. But I was sure they would bring the full might of the Fanatec machine to bear when it came to developing the firmware for it. The 352 driver update is an excellent example of what Fanatec can do. And what their Podium DD wheelbases are capable of delivering. If you currently own a Podium DD wheelbase you should install the new driver and firmware as soon as you can. You will see that it has a noticeable improvement of any previous driver distributions. This
package contains updates are a must have. All you have to do is read the distribution notes to see how much has changed. Of course all that information doesn’t mean much if you can’t feel any change. No worries here it is a to me, very noticeable improvement in all around performance for the Podium wheelbases. Filtering in general has been improved and new filters are present. The linear filter is a good one if you want to tame some the spikes you get in certain conditions. I tried it, but for now I’m leaving it off. The interpolation filter is one that I do use as it is quite effective at smoothing the overall FFB delivery. While not stepping on the detailed FFB that is vital to knowing what a car is doing when pushing hard. So you certainly want to implement it in your own Fanalab configurations. The DD1 wheelbase is basically a detuned DD2 wheelbase. Having a peak torque of 20Nm instead of the 25Nm the DD2 has. It has a 3 year warranty instead of a 5 year warranty of the DD2. And of course there is a 300.00 price difference. With the DD1 coming in at about 1200.00 plus shipping. As you saw in the closer look they also weigh about the same. With the only difference coming from the weight of the DD1’s aluminum panels compared to the DD2’s carbon ones. If you are on the fence about which one to buy, it won’t be an easy decision. The DD1 is a great wheelbase and will please most Sim Racers out there I think. And can deliver all the torque most would ever want. No matter what Podium wheelbase you choose, with the new driver and firmware
updates installed, it will give you a very good DD FFB experience.

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