Fanatec Podium Advanced Paddle Module Review

The stock paddle shifters that Fanatec uses on their wheels are all metal affairs that certainly get the job done. But don’t offer the driver much tactile feedback when making shifts. The magnetic shifters the APMs are using are a good way to add this feel to your Fanatec wheel. And one that personally prefer when using paddle shifters. The improvement in shifting feel is quite noticeable here. And once they are on your wheel, you won’t
want to ever take them off. That is of course if your wheel is on this currently rather short list of compatible wheels. I’m sure that most future wheels coming from Fanatec will support this upgrade. If for no other reason than it will allow them to sell more of these modules. Of course the Advanced Paddle Modules bring more than just a great set of shifters to the table. The pair of analog paddles also bring a good amount of added functionality to your wheel. You have several different ways to use these paddles. And are easily changed from one function to the next by using the Paddle mode switch. I was happy to find no real issues making these paddles work in dual clutch mode. It was easy to set the bite point and worked well once you get the bite point dialed in. Using the paddles in the throttle, brake mode was also easy to set up and use. And once I got used to using them, I was able to put in some surprisingly good lap times. You can also use the paddles as a handbrake, or assign them to some other analog function in game.
Installing the APM’s is a rather straight forward affair that most should be able to do, with minimal dramas, if you take your time, The overall quality of these units is very good. But I would have rather seen a least a 3mm paddle thickness for the carbon units instead of 2mm. And, I think it would
have been better not use cutouts on the GT paddles so close to the ends. Other than that I think Fanatec has done a good job on the Advanced Paddle Modules. And is a worthy upgrade for your wheel if it is compatible. The only thing you have to decide is if all this functionality is worth
the 180.00 plus shipping, that they will cost you.

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