ClixBeetle Pro TH8A Mod Review

The Thrustmaster TH8A is a pretty solid H Pattern shifter considering it’s price point. But it certainly could use a bit of tweaking to get it to perform better than original. Increasing the tactile feedback on the very popular Thrustmaster TH8A is something most owners would like to do. One of the cool things about running the Sim Racing Garage is when I hear from guys who are developing new takes on ideas that I have tested before. It’s a lot of fun to see what others come up with to improve on a piece of hardware. The ClixBeetle Pro from Nolitto 3D is a great example of this. I have previously tested kits that are developed to improve on the tactile feedback that is somewhat lacking on TH8A shifter out of the box. The ClixBeetle Pro is the first TH8A tactile feedback mod I have seen that actually uses a mechanical element to enhance the feel of the shifter moving from gear to gear. Using ball bearings that are under spring tension to
give the user a satisfying click to every shift as the shifters lever pushes the ball bearings into their respective spring filled cavities in the 3D printed housing. The ball tension is preset during the
assembly process. The set screws are glued into place to prevent the tension from changing. Which also means you won’t be able to adjust the tension yourself. I am guessing that this is done to increase the life cycle of the ClixBeetle Pro. Installing this mod is a pretty straight forward process and the instructions included with the ClixBeetle Pro are very good. So no dramas were
found during my install. When driving with the ClixBeetl Pro installed in my TH8A, I could tell staight away that this mod made a clearly noticeable difference in the tactile feedback I was getting from the shifter. Especially when compared to the somewhat vague feel the stock TH8A has when making shifts. I had a lot fun putting it through some pretty rough testing during my
heel and toe shifting sessions. I was able to put about five total hours on the ClixBeetle under heavy use and when I inspected it for wear, there was none to be found. Of course this is a 3D printed part so I have no way of knowing just how long it will last. But I can say it will be staying in my TH8A shifter for foreseeable future.

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