ChrisHDesigns Thrustmaster Ring Quick Change and Magnetic Shifter Mods

You know I am always on the lookout for any new mods coming out for Sim Racing hardware. And Once I find them I do my best to get a sample in for testing. Here are two good examples of my ongoing search. I’ll talk about the Quick Change mod first. Definitely one of those “simple but effective” mods. This 3D printed ring is easy to install and use. I like how the latest version of this ring uses a pair of tightening
ridges instead of the originals single ridge configuration. This insures that we can loosen the wheelbase collar as effectively as we can tighten it. I found that it makes attaching and removing a wheel to be fast and without drama. Once you torque down on the wheelbase collar it just stays put. I did not experience any instances of the wheel coming loose. Even with TS-PC running at maximum torque levels. You can buy this mod as an already printed unit or just buy the 3D .stl file and print it yourself. Now let’s talk about the magnetic shifter mod. Out of the box the shifters on all the Thrustmaster wheels I have tried feel about the same. Just not much tactile feel going on here. I do want to point out here that the I have yet have an issue with the stock shifters operation. They just work. But I am always looking for ways to improve the tactile feedback I get from the devices I use for racing. So, the ChrisHdesign shifter mod was something I wanted to try. These units are also 3D printed. And are sporting a pair of rare earth magnets. They look to be very well done as far as 3D printing goes. And the cool carbon fiber pattern on the top of them are a nice addition to the printing process. These shifter are easy to install and use. Once I had them attached, I could tell they certainly do bring some added tactile feel to the OEM shifters. They will also add some volume to the shifts. Something to consider if you need to race in stealth mode. During my driving sessions it was easy to feel the added tactile feedback I was getting from them. Bringing an overall better driving experience with my Thrustmaster setup. So job done here I think. If you are looking to make your Thrustmaster wheel changes easier and faster, or looking to improve the tactile feel you get when making shifts. I think these two mods are worth a look.

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