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A cloudy, miserable looking day greeted the drivers for round five of GTE racing. Was this a sign of things to come…

Qualifying was close, the top seven drivers all within a second of each other. Vance, Leif, and Binkley traded the top spot until Leif finally said “hold my beer” and put down the fastest lap of the day. A blistering 1:15.7 to secure pole position.

It didn’t take long after the green flag fell before these guys were touching all over each other. Jeff Lacey was the first one who couldn’t keep his hands to himself. Getting loose in turn one he ended up turning left instead of right. Leaving Mark with no where to go.. Jeff was able to continue on electing to wait until his fuel stop to fix any damage from the incident.

Tyson took a little too much curb over turn 5 resulting in a spin that collected Freddy. Tyson’s race was over as a result of the incident. Freddy was able to make it to the pits for repairs, but not without giving Lacey a heart attack spinning directly in front of him.

It seemed whoever was in front of Jeff on his way back up the ladder was due for a spin. Kevin Wallace, Pearson Story, and William Cox all made it easy on him. In the end, Jeff was able to work his way to a top 5 finish.

The top three positions stayed the same until the 38th minute when Binkley passed vance going into turn 10A. Leif dominated the race and took the checkered flag first.

The next round sees the teams headed to New York for the final race of the season at Watkins Glen.

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