ROFL, It’s a Roval

Ok, you’ve seen the forum post, or the discussion on Discord, and you saw that our first big race is Charlotte. Why Charlotte you ask? Is it because they are the pimento cheese capital of the world, the birthplace of the 10th man to walk on the moon, a Mr. Charlie Duke, or is it the fact that Charlotte is the home of the very first Family Dollar store?

It’s because the Charlotte Roval is now awesome!

It doesn’t suck balls anymore! Seriously, the Roval is an interesting track now that doesn’t look like it was just the infield area with RV’s removed and a couple lines painted on the ground around the infield bathrooms. Curbing and actual racing surface that doesn’t end in a narrow gate are now the order of the day. Get out there and kick some ass!

You can see the old and busted and the new hotness below.

New Roval

Old garbage road course that nobody liked except insane people.

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