It’s a special type of fan who falls in love with motorsports. The passion, devotion and knowledge found within the motorsports community are unmatched by other sports fans. And often, fans fall in love at an early age.

Next Level Racing is proud to be part of the racing and sim racing communities and we take our commitments to them seriously. One of our commitments is to support every individual throughout his or her racing journey from A-to-Z. That’s why we’re sponsoring three promising young members of the racing community who are more than just spectators – they tear up the track too.

Kinser, Alex and Sebastien are looking to take their skills to the next level. Using Next Level Racing racing simulator products, these three are honing their craft by sharpening motor skills and improving focus and discipline. They also get to spend hours of simulated tracktime in a safe environment, practising how to get out of trouble and navigate through tight spots without wrecking.

“We are so excited to be able to help support Kinser, Alex and Sebastien in their journey. To be able to collaborate with these guys and grow and learn with them – it’s the best part of my job” – Kam Khadem, Head of Brand and Strategic Growth at Next Level Racing

Like any competitive sport, without a tonne of hardwork and dedication, no one reaches their goal. On top of putting in the extra hours, overcoming challenges and dealing with defeat, it’s essential to train with the right equipment. Next Level Racing racing simulator cockpits and other high-quality, highly engineered products provide an authentic racing experience that have helped, and continue to support, dozens of serious racers in their journey to be the best.

From the start of the journey, to the end and beyond, we will do everything we can to support this very special community, which we are truly honoured to be part of. In the next few months, we’ll be highlighting Kinser, Alex and Sebastien and getting to know them a bit better. Make sure to follow along with us!

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