Matthew Galea Wins the MFCC Sim Racing Challenge, Fuelled by Enemed

World Pro Racing organized the MFCC Sim Racing Challenge Fuelled by Enemed, in collaboration with MFCC and Enemed during the MFCC Trade Fair in Ta’ Qali.

Over 700 participants took part in the qualifying phase where they had the chance to put their best time on track.

The top 15 best times qualified to the finals where 3 groups of 5 drivers raced against each other with eliminations until the top 5 were revealed.

The top 5 finalists were Matthew Galea, Jason Muscat, Andrea Rizzo, Kevin Pisani, and Kirsten Ebejer.

All the drivers clocked in the 51’s, therefore they were very close, in fact, there was less than a second between them in the qualifying.

Great start from all drivers and a continuous battle between Matthew Galea and Jason Muscat for the lead. Jason had the lead for most of the race but the last few laps Matthew managed to overtake him and managed to seal the overall win.

WPR would like to thank all the sponsors who supported the event and all participants.

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