Grid Charlotte

We took to the track at the Charlotte Roval and had a great race. We had about 20 crazies show up to participate and not nearly as many deaths as we had at Skuba Steve Speedway.

The podium was topped by a Canadian that was apparently apologizing for every pass he made on track.


  • Vance Bao

  • Eric Harman

  • Leif Peterson

  • Cadillac

  • Jeffrey Lacey

  • Kevin Binkley

  • Parker Beasley

  • Here are a couple pictures from the race.

    Jake is the example, but many were nearly killed by the sausages left at the exit of the chicane.

    This isn’t a great write up for the race. It was a good race and very clean overall. But I am just too tired to be as funny as you all deserve this evening. I will get you all a better write up next week.

    If you have any interesting stories from the race feel free to put them in the comments below. Also, like share and subscribe. I believe that is how you are supposed to end things in this day and age.

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