Gamescom Germany 2019

Next Level Racing’s team is constantly innovating to bring our fans the best in racing, driving and flight simulator technology. Part of being the best involves creating products that offer a high-level of realism and authenticity. Authenticity and realism are exactly why we were absolutely stoked to team up with Alienware at this year’s Gamescom in Germany to showcase their upcoming space flight combat game In The Black. 

Using a Next Level Racing Cockpit setup to introduce In The Black, fans at Gamescom were able to check out one of the most realistic space combat video games on the market inside one of the most realistic flight simulators cockpits on the market. The reaction was amazing. People of all ages lined up all five days to take a ride – and they absolutely loved it.

It was an absolute blast being at Gamescom – the largest gaming convention in Europe and one of the biggest in the world – and an even bigger treat to pair up with the amazing team at Alienware and In The Black.  Next Level Racing is always excited to collaborate with brands and companies that are committed to the same high-level of authenticity and quality we are.

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