F1 Stars Talk, Competizione Teaser, RF2 Roadmap, Logitech Liveries, Night Driver redo, iRacing Bomb

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Today's topics include: F1 Stars Talk, Competizione Teaser, RF2 Roadmap, Logitech Liveries, Night Driver redo, iRacing Bomb 

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Notes from Tony Gardner on iRacing new build coming:

Good day,

I thought I would make a post in regard to the new or updated content that will be in the build next week. Some of it you might know about and some you may not.

Two new LMP1 cars: The Porshe 919 Hybrid and the Audi R18 etron Quatrro. These two new cars will run in two new Lemans Series, an individual series and a team series with an LMP2 and a GTE Class. iRacing LeMans Series and iRacing Lemans Endurance Series. The Lemans Series will run every two hours with a 12-week schedule. 60-90 minute races as a regular official series. Then, every other week we will run the iRacing Lemans Endurance Series with 2-time slots. Saturday at 7:00GMT and Saturday at 19:00GMT. These are 6-hour sessions, and they are team events.

A new Indycar: The Indycar IR-18! We think you will really enjoy this car; our testers definitely are enjoying it. If you purchased the existing DW12 Indy car in the last six months, we would grant you full credit of $11.95. We also will be granting the existing DW12 Indycar free to all members.

New Dirt Track: Limaland Motorsports Park! This Quarter-Mile track is located in Northwest Ohio, and we also will include a night version.

New Dirt Track at Charlotte! A 4/10 mile Dirt Track located across the street from the Charlotte Motor Speedway and will include a night version.

New GRC Circuit: Sonoma

A rescanned and revised version of Pocono: If you own the existing Pocono track, you will get this for free. The old Pocono will be granted to every member for free.

FYI, we do have a new road course in the works (and many other content additions/updates) that is nearing completion, but it was not ready for this build, unfortunately.

We have videos in the works this week for all this content that will be out on the build.

Good racing! 


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