Cadillac Grills, Cadillac Mills…

Cadillac Thrills

Trophy Case Is What My Cadillac Fills

It was a tough qualifying session. Times were close and the tension was at a all time high. Kevin Binkley missed out on pole position at the final turn. Vance Bao took third and all settled in for a what was sure to be a battle.

The weather was hot as the cars started off on the pace laps. The team Rumblestrip Cadillacs stayed in close formation and worked to time the green flag. Once the green dropped the leader got off to a great start with Binkley and Bao close behind. While trying to break the draft the leader weaved right into the pit entrance wall. This allowed Binkley to take the lead. Bao and Binkley trades positions numerous times throughout the race and all came down to the last lap for a photo finish!


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