How A Warming Drawer Can Make Your Thanksgiving Meal Preparations Easier

A warming drawer in your kitchen can make your Thanksgiving meal preparations run more smoothly!

With Thanksgiving only a few weeks away, you may be starting to think about all of the various things you’re going to need to host your friends and family. It’s nearly time to gather the turkey, the fixings, and all of the tools to make your Thanksgiving dinner a success! One tool that can make your Thanksgiving meal preparations so much easier is the warming drawer. If you’ve struggled with keeping your Thanksgiving dishes warm and fresh as you rush around the kitchen, a warming drawer can be an excellent addition.

Maintaining the Flavor of a Freshly Cooked Meal

With the sheer amount of food that needs to be cooked to accommodate a large gathering, it can be very difficult to keep that food tasting as though it was fresh out of the oven or cooktop. A warming drawer, however, can help alleviate some of that pressure by giving you a dedicated space to store food that is ready for serving while you continue to prepare other dishes. With features such as temperature control, humidity controls, and automatic shut-off, you can be sure your dishes will all be ready to serve at dinner time!

Heats Multiple Dishes at Once

While a microwave oven can be a useful tool for reheating food, they do have their disadvantages. In addition to loss of moisture and others, one of the biggest disadvantages is that they simply don’t have the space to reheat more than one dish at once. But a warming drawer doesn’t have this problem due to its size! You can fit the carved turkey AND your mashed potatoes at the same time!

Fits into Any Kitchen Design

Warming drawers come in sizes ranging from 30 to 36 inches, allowing for them to be retrofitted into any cabinetry system. In general, they tend to be placed under the wall oven for convenience and to help them better integrate into your kitchen design aesthetic. Need a new wall oven before the holidays as well? Some ovens even come with the warming drawer feature as well!

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