September 15th is National Linguine Day!

Induction cooktops can help you enjoy a delicious pasta meal on National Linguine Day much faster!

September 15th is National Linguine Day! This particular type of pasta is commonly used to create delicious dishes both at home as well as in professional kitchens. Preparing the perfect pasta can be somewhat time-consuming, however. Waiting for water to boil on a gas cooktop can be frustrating, especially if you’ve got a tight schedule to keep at home with your family. Dance, band, and sports practices could get in the way of a home-cooked meal. But there is a practical way you can speed your cooking time, especially with pasta – using an induction cooktop! Induction cooktops are designed with technology that allow for water to boil much faster than a gas setup. Here’s how they work!

The Technology Behind the Induction Cooktop

Most cooktops – the standard electric and gas varieties – use thermal conduction to cook food. This means that it takes a heat source and transfers that heat to the pot or pan. However, this method is highly inefficient – it leads to around 60% loss of energy. The induction cooktop takes a coil of copper wire and passes alternating currents of electricity through them. This creates an electro-magnetic field which works in conjunction with specialized pots and pans to pass energy directly to the cooking implements. The result is a highly efficient cooking method – about 84% of the electrical energy generated is used for cooking!

Safer to Use than Gas

One of the other major advantages of using an induction cooktop in your home is how safe they are to operate. With gas and electric cooktops, there’s always a risk of someone – either you or a curious child – burning themselves on a burner while it is cooling off after use. With induction technology, the “burner” always stays cool because the energy it produces isn’t thermal. It can only transfer energy from the source to the specialized cooking implement. So you can turn the cooktop on to the highest setting and the cooking region will stay cool without a magnetic pot or pan resting on it! This can prevent accidents and give you and your family some additional peace of mind.

Boiling Pot of Water Tests

When testing how long it takes to boil a pot of water with each type of cooktop, induction is the clear winner for pasta lovers!

  • Gas: 8 minutes
  • Electric: 7 minutes
  • Induction: 4 minutes

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