Guide to replacing your old or broken Sub-Zero 500/600 series refrigerator

If you’re one of the many Sub Zero refrigerator customers with a 500 & 600 series, it might be the right time for an upgrade. Sub Zero introduced their 500 series in 1987 with the 600 series arriving in 1996. With an average lifespan of 18 yo 20 years for the award-winning 500 and 600 series refrigerators, your Sub Zero fridge might be nearing the end of its life cycle.

That being said, many of us avoid replacing a built-in refrigerator that’s been integrated with our cabinetry. It’s a daunting task that can involve a considerable amount of expertise, both when it comes to the removal of the old unit and the installation of the new one. Besides, considering the price tag of a new Sub Zero refrigerator alone might give you a bit of pause. Fortunately, we can offer this helpful guide to take you through the process of making the upgrade.


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But first, a bit of encouragement—you might think that the newer Sub Zero models have little new to offer, but Sub Zero as a brand has long been focused on ongoing innovation and refinement of their products over time. As a result, each new update to their refrigerator line brings truly innovative and useful upgrades that users will appreciate.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at what an upgrade will bring you.

What will replacing my Sub Zero refrigerator get me?

It starts with a list of truly impressive technology upgrades, each one designed to improve the quality of your refrigeration and use.

  • Energy efficiency improvements and Energy Star qualification
  • Quieter operation thanks to modern compressors
  • Drastically improved food preservation for longer-lasting and better-tasting food
  • Added air purifiers in the new Classic BI series. This antimicrobial air purification system scrubs ambient air in 20 minute intervals to filter out ethylene, viruses, mold, bacteria and odors
  • Precise temperature controls in single-degree intervals
  • Dual compressors, evaporators and condensers to prevent freezer burn and odor transfer

Advanced tech isn’t all you’ll get by upgrading. New Sub Zero models also offer plenty of convenience and design upgrades, as well.

  • Modern handle design that matches most luxury appliances on the market, particularly Wolf brand appliances
  • LED interior lights for rich, bright illumination
  • Interior water dispenser on most models
  • Welded and polished door edges for clean, streamlined look
  • Soft Close crisper drawer that stores food two degrees cooler than the rest of the fridge
  • Max Ice feature increases ice production by 30% in a 24-hour period
  • More custom configurations and styles
  • Overall cleaner-looking dual installation kits for visually beautiful installation

In addition to these features, each new model is engineered to withstand 20 years of regular use, with each unit having been tested rigorously by Sub Zero’s stringent standards. Sub Zero also offers US-based customer support, 24/7, so you’ll never be lost without guidance during use or installation.

What model replaces my older fridge?

Finding the new model number that replaces your old Sub-Zero can be a daunting task. We have put together the following charts to help you find the exact model that replaces your current refrigerators.

What current model replaces my 500 series Sub-Zero? (Typically purchased between 1987 and 1995)

Old Sub-Zero ModelNew Sub-Zero Model
501F SeriesBI-36F
501R SeriesBI-36R
506 SeriesUC-15i
511 SeriesBI-30U
532 Series648PRO or 648PROG
532 SeriesBI-48S or BI-48SID
542 SeriesBI-42S or BI-42SID or BI-42UFD
550 SeriesBI-36U or BI-36UFD
561 SeriesBI-36S or BI-36UFD
590 SeriesBI-48SD or BI-48SID

What current model replaces my 600 series Sub-Zero? (Typically purchased between 1996 and 2008)

Old Sub-Zero ModelNew Sub-Zero Model
601F SeriesBI-36F
601R SeriesBI-36R
611 SeriesBI-30U
632 SeriesBI-48SD or BI-48SID
642 SeriesBI-42S or BI-42SID or BI-42UFD
650 SeriesBI-36U or BI-36UFD
661 SeriesBI-36S or BI-36UFD
680 SeriesBI-42S or BI-42SID or BI-42UFD
685 SeriesBI-42S or BI-42SID or BI-42UFD
690 SeriesBI-48SD or BI-48SID
695 SeriesBI-48SD or BI-48SID

Other replacement models

Old Sub-Zero ModelNew Sub-Zero Model
201FD SeriesBI-36F
215FD SeriesBI-36F
211 SeriesBI-30U
215R SeriesBI-36R
235 SeriesUC-15i
241 SeriesBI-36U
244 SeriesUC-24
251 SeriesBI-36U
2511 SeriesBI-36U
2711 SeriesBI-36U
2811 SeriesBI-36U
3211 SeriesBI48S or BI-48SID
315i SeriesUC-15i
361 SeriesBI-36S

Who can install Sub Zero units?

If you’re looking to have a new Sub Zero refrigerator installed, your best first step is to reach out to one of the many Sub Zero expert specialists at Designer Appliances. From there, we can help you prepare for installation step-by-step. Plus, our factory-certified installations add an additional year to your Sub Zero factory warranty.

Before contacting us, consider having these resources ready so that we can fully serve you and give all the information we need.

  • The exact model number of your existing fridge (the one being replaced.) This can usually be found on a sticker attached to the fridges interior wall
  • A photo of the unit, including the surrounding cabinets
  • Your preferences regarding stainless steel or your original panels so that we can guide you through any necessary retrofitting requirements
  • Information about accessibility in your home (ex.—Is there an elevator? How tall is the elevator? What’s the clearance of the stairs?)

More incentive to buy – Save $500 with Sub-Zero loyalty

For a limited time, Sub Zero is offering up to $500 credit to customers who upgrade their 500 or 600 series refrigerator to a new built-in refrigerator. All you’ll need is your the serial number from your old Sub-Zero refrigerator.

Rebate form changes from time to time but the current one as of September to December 2019 is as follows:

Also, check with your local dealer if you can combine this promotion with $1,000 off rebate on Sub Zero Wolf packages.


With updated technology, highly improved design and convenience factors, and a robust warranty and credit offer, there’s truly no better time than the present to bring your Sub Zero refrigeration into the modern age. If you want the proven superior quality of Sub Zero with an updated, modern look, upgrade to the Classic BI series today.

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Is Sub Zero and Wolf the same company?

Yes. Sub Zero aquired Wolf ranges some 20 years ago and kept the brand name intact.

Are there incentives in purchasing a Sub Zero refrigerator with a Wolf Range?

Yes. Company runs occasional promotions to encourage package sales. Please contact our sales staff to get more information on available incentives.

Are Wolf Ranges worth the price?

We believe so. However, it is worth reviewing the Wolf ranges in detail before making this expensive purchase. We have various up and close video reviews as well as blog post that might help you.

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