Best Alternatives to Replace a Built-In Sub Zero, Affordable Options

The day has come. The repairman looks you in the eye and tells you that the Sub Zero refrigerator in your kitchen, the one that faithfully served the previous family for well over a decade, but is now leaving your ice cream too soft, has given out. The repair bill gives you pause and the all too common question arises: repair it or replace it? Repair – you have serviced it already, should you spend the money again? And, if you replace it, how? Will the cabinets and door panels match? Would stainless steel look as sophisticated with the current design of the kitchen? You’ve got a ballpark replacement cost and that number has you scrambling.

We know not everyone can come up with the small fortune it takes to replace their Sub Zero refrigerator. Idea is not to pick on a specific brand but this applies to any luxury built-in fridge such as Monogram, Viking, Thermador and so on. We also know that in looking to replace, a unified look without the expense of a luxury built-in refrigerator is what becomes a top priority.

Since luxury built-in refrigerators are likely to start at around $8,500, we’ve taken a look at how to replace a Sub Zero fridge the market leader in luxury with an affordable option.

Top Picks TableBest Option for 30-inch Width – Liebherr HC1540
Product Place HolderBest Option for 36-inch Width – Fisher Paykel RS36A80J1N
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Starting cost of a luxury 36-inch built-in fridge is usually over $8,000. On a stainless steel finish the price tag usually will be well over $9,000.

Therefore, Fisher Paykel RS36A80J1N presents costs savings at $5,999. The main advantage of this fridge is that you can finish it with a 80 or 84-inch high stainless steel door panel (retails at $799).

This Fisher Paykel is designed to fit a 36-inch wide, 80 or 84-inch high, 24-inch deep opening. See manufacturers’ specifications.

The close sibling of this fridge is model RS36W80LJ1N which comes with a water dispenser on the door. If you prefer a singe refrigerator door rather than the French doors you can consider model RS36W80LJ1N.

Runners Up:

  • Bertazzoni REF36PIXR 36-inch in stainless steel, $7244
  • Bosch Benchmark B36BT930NS French door 36-inch in stainless steel, $7464
  • Miele KFNF9955IDE French door double freezer door with panel ready door, $6,999
  • Liebherr HCB2082 French Door with panel ready door, $6,499 or HCB2080 bottom freezer with panel ready door, $5,999.

Best Option for 42-inch Width – Cafe CSB42WP2NS1
Product Place HolderBest Option for 48-inch Width – Cafe CSB48WP2NS1
Product Place Holder

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