Best Microwave Drawer for 2019 – The 5 Top Models [REVIEW]

Free up counter space for gathering, food preperation and entertaining by tucking away a microwave drawer. For years, the microwave has been a kitchen’s secret workhorse. Evolving from an afterthought plopped on a kitchen counter to sporting a revolutionary incarnation as a drawer, the once lowly microwave has earned a spot in the hub of the kitchen.

Now, all kitchen cabinet manufacturers offer standard cabinetry for the age-friendly and highly accessible microwave drawer. Safe for kids to prepare after-school snacks and for seniors to heat meals, positioned waist-high with easy-to-read controls and soft-open and close functionality, the convenience and safety of heating, reheating,and cooking in a microwave drawer can’t be beat.

See our picks for the best microwave drawers for 2019.

Top Picks Table


Short on reading time? Watch our video to select the best microwave drawer.3 Burning Questions We Love to Answer

(1) Where do I install microwave drawers?

A microwave drawer sits under kitchen countertops like a regular drawer and can be installed flush or proud (i.e. protruding slightly from the cabinet) to your surrounding cabinets. They can fit in well with any design (in an island, peninsula or simply in a regular wall cabinet) and look stylish while making it easier to tend to your food. As there is no swinging door, there are no issues between right-handed or left-handed family members. You can also place a microwave drawer in a corner or next to a wall.

(2) How do I use a microwave drawer? Is it different than a regular microwave?

  • Open the drawer up with a touch of a button when you are ready to use and place your food on the tray.
  • Close the drawer (with a light tap or using the close button) and choose your cooking time on the touch control panel.
  • When cooking time is complete, open the drawer and take out your food.

(3) What sizes do they come in?

Across all brands, there are two sizes of microwave drawer available regarding the exterior width, but the interior measurements are the same.

Outside width: 24-inches or 30-inches are the main choices 24" being the most popular size.
Interior space: 17 5/16” W x 7 1/8” H x 16 9/16” D (1.2 cu. ft) – same for 24-inch or 30-inch models.

5 Reasons Why a Microwave Drawer is a Good Choice for Your Kitchen
1) They save you valuable kitchen space

The most important reason for installing a microwave drawer in your home is to be able to save valuable counter or cabinet space. A freestanding microwave can take up around 4 sq. ft of precious preparation space or can be hard to fit into existing cabinets. If you are putting in new cabinetry, then you can incorporate a microwave drawer into the design.

2) Easy to clean

Without a rotating plate inside, the inside surfaces are completely smooth so there are no nooks and crannies for food to get stuck in. This makes microwave drawers much easier to clean.

3) They blend with your kitchen

Microwave drawers can be installed standing proud or flush with your cabinetry and you can make better use of space by installing under your counter or in an island. There is also the option of stacking with a single oven or warming drawer, so all your cooking appliances are in the one place.

4) They are safer & easier to reach

Taking hot and heavy plates out of a microwave that is up high is an accident waiting to happen, but as a microwave drawer is lower, you will be able to see better and have more control.

5) Child proof

Microwave drawers have a child lock, so even though they are on the height level of your child they will not be able to tamper with it.

Microwave drawer vs. countertop microwave

You’re not missing out on any important features by choosing a microwave drawer. You will still get:

  • Numerous power levels
  • Open/close door button
  • Cooking/reheating sensor
  • Defrost mode
  • Beverage mode
  • Melt/soften/keep warm modes
  • Clock with time features
  • Light
  • Child lock
  • Smooth glide for no liquid spills

Please note at this time the microwave drawers do not come with convection cooking options. I.e. you cannot broil and bake like a regular oven.

Best Microwave Drawer Brands to Consider

With many big-name brands now providing microwave drawers as part of their kitchen appliance selections, it can be hard to know which one to choose. Some of our favourites are:

1) Sharp Microwave Drawer
Product Place Holder

As the pioneer of microwave drawers, Sharp supplies all the vital components that other manufacturers use in their appliances. With a larger range than any other brand comes more options to suit your needs.

  • 1000 watts
  • Visible or concealed display
  • 45-degree angle control panel
  • Stainless steel or black stainless options
  • Auto open with a button/close OR touch or wave open door function
  • With or without handle
  • Touch/wave model has concealed logo

As of September 2019 Sharp released the new version of the 24-inch microwave drawer with wi-fi connectivity. The model number for this version is SMD2489ES. We will update the article as we get more user feedback from our customers.

Sharp Microwave Drawer Models

Main Features

Classic with Curved Handle KB6524PSY
24" Microwave Drawer, under $949, Call for Promotional Pricing

Hidden Controls, Stainless Steel SMD2470ASY
Best Seller, comes in 24" or 30", Hidden Controls, Optional Kit for Flush Installations, under $1,199, Call for Promotional Pricing

Hidden Controls, Black Stainless Steel SMD2470AH
24" Width Hidden Controls, Match your other black stainless appliances, under $1,299, Call for Promotional Pricing

Wave to Open Door, Stainless Steel SMD2480CS
24", Wave-to-Open Door, Comes with flush mount install kit. If your hands are full open the door with a simple motion, under $1,399, Call for Promotional Pricing

Wi-Fi, Wave to Open Door, Stainless Steel SMD2489ES
This new addition comes with Wifi Connectivity and an app for receipes and troubleshooting, 24", Wave-to-Open Door under $1,399, Call for Promotional Pricing

PRO TIP – Make sure to contact our staff at (888) 714-4938 to inquire about unpublished savings on Sharp microwave drawers.

Watch our in-depth video review of Sharp Microwave Drawer.2) Bosch Microwave Drawer
Product Place Holder

If you already have Bosch appliances in your kitchen, then the beautiful design of a Bosch microwave drawer will fit right in. When you purchase a suite of Bosch appliances from us you can receive a 10-15% rebate depending on the configuration.

  • 950 watts
  • 24” model flush with cabinet
  • 30” model flush or proud installation
  • Soft glide operation on touch of a button
  • Convenient automatic sensor programs
  • Elegant and modern LCD display
  • 30” can be installed below a wall oven
  • Automatic sensor technology

Bosch Models:

24” HMD8451UC Flush with cabinet $1,254.10
30” HMD8053UC Flush or proud installation $1,599

3) Thermador Microwave Drawer
Product Place Holder

Thermador have a great 1-2-Free rebate program where you can get a microwave drawer for free with a qualified package order.

  • Covered by 2-year warranty
  • 950 watts
  • Glass touch controls
  • 10 cooking modes
  • Sensor cooking
  • Blue LCD display
  • 24” model is built-in, 30” model is fully flush

Thermador Models:

24” MD24JS Built in $1,499
30” MD30RS Fully Flush $1,599

Important Product Update

Thermador made major design changes in their wall oven and microwave drawer line up as of September 2018. The new models now feature even better integration for flush mount installs both for 24" and the 30" drawers. The face plate of the microwaves match with rest of the Thermador offerings. Warranty remains the same at 2 years. Here are the new models numbers:

  • 24" Thermador Microwave Drawer: MD24WS
  • 30" Thermador Microwave Drawer: MD30WS

4) Wolf Microwave Drawer
Product Place Holder

A Wolf microwave drawer will match well with your existing Sub Zero/Wolf appliances and comes with an excellent warranty.

  • 2-year full warranty and 5-year limited warranty for electronic control boards and magnetron tubes.
  • 950 watts
  • 10 power levels including Keep Warm mode
  • Gourmet mode for detecting humidity and moisture
  • Automatically adjusts cook time and power level for delicious results

Wolf Models:

  • 24” MD24TES E Series – Transitional
  • 30” MD30TES E Series – Transitional or MD30PE/S E Series – Professional

Contact us for best prices on our Wolf Models.

5) Worthwhile to Mention
Product Place Holder

Viking has been featuring a popular 1,000 Watt microwave drawer for the past few years VMOD5240SS and it comes with a full 2 year warranty and a 5 year limited warranty for magnetron tubes plus an amazing 90 day cosmetic warranty. It might be a good idea for Viking to give a facelift to the product to match the streamlined look of Sharp and other competitors.

Monogram Microwave Drawer ZWL1126SJSS has a great price point and complements the greater product line.


A microwave drawer is a great way to upgrade the overall design of your kitchen. While you will pay a bit more for a microwave drawer, the longer life-span of the drawer (over a countertop microwave) as well as the ease of use and ergonomic benefits are well worth it.

Some manufacturers offer a free microwave drawer or a money back rebate when purchasing their appliance packages. We find this value-driven incentive a great way to include one of these fantastic products in your kitchen plans.

At Designer Appliances we offer many microwave drawer models at different price points and our team is here to help should you have any questions. You can find all of our microwave drawer models in our online store or stop by one of our New Jersey stores to see them in person.


Are Microwave Drawers Worth It?

A typical microwave drawer costs approximately $999. A typical mid-range, highly rated built-in microwave such as the Frigidaire Professional FPMO227NUF costs $399 and it needs to be integrated with a trim kit which typically costs $149 for a total of $548. Considering you will not be able to install a built-in microwave under a counter or like a drawer in island the premium is less than $500. Also, keep in mind that some manufacturers offer savings towards microwave purchases in order to encourage kitchen appliance package sales.

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