Everything You Need to Know About Steam Ovens

Once rarely found in home kitchens, steam ovens have been gaining in popularity as homeowners have become more conscious of healthy cooking styles.

In commercial-grade, professional kitchens, steam ovens have been a staple for a long time. They are reliable tools for preparing and cooking delicious food. While microwaves have been more popular historically in your typical American kitchen, a greater awareness of healthy cooking techniques has led many homeowners to consider implementing steam ovens within their own kitchen routines. If you’ve been thinking about getting a steam oven for yourself, here are a few things you should know!

Why Use a Steam Oven?

Steam ovens take the power and convenience of a conventional microwave and combines it with a distinctive cooking style which better retains moisture and taste. Not only that, but food steamed in a steam oven is often healthier than the same food cooked in a fryer or a regular oven. While taste can be subjective, most agree that food cooked in a steam oven tastes much better than when it is cooked in a conventional microwave.

How Do Steam Ovens Work?

Steam ovens use a reservoir of water as the basis for how they operate – this reservoir can be filled manually or it can be connected to your home plumbing, depending on the model. The water is heated into steam which is then spread around the interior of the oven with fans. Some units, known as convection steam ovens, use digital sensors to determine the optimal levels of steam and dry level and will cycle between them automatically for the best cook every time!

What Can I Cook in a Steam Oven?

In a few words, almost anything! Most of your basic conventional microwave or wall oven options are available on a steam oven, such as toasting, broiling, baking, and grilling. Meat, fish, vegetables, pasta, and so much more can be cooked in a steam oven. There are even special recipes which take advantage of the unique capabilities of the unit to create your next tasty meal!

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