Thermador vs. Viking Ranges

If you’ve been shopping for a new range on the Internet, you’ve seen why two highly respected brands – Thermador and Viking – earn so many inspired posts. You aren’t alone if you’ve boiled it down to these two brands but really can’t decide between them. So, how do Thermador and Viking ranges stack up? What do they have to offer when it comes to cooking that bring professional quality and features to your home? With this in-depth comparison guide, we’ll help you dig a little deeper to find out about these high-end stoves.

The Unique Histories of Thermador and Viking Stoves

Viking may not be as ubiquitous of a name as some of its competitors nowadays, but they actually carry one of the richest and most colorful histories of all stove and range manufacturers worldwide. In fact, Viking was the first company to bring professional-grade stoves to the residential market, when they launched a line of professional quality products back in 1987. They were also the first to give customers options when it came to the color of their products, offering unique finishes in green, red, yellow and blue. This put them at the forefront of designing uniquely original stoves that became head-turning statement pieces in the heart of the home.

Today, Viking leads the market with robust, best in industry, two-year warranties paired with five-year limited manufacturer coverage. They still offer multiple color options as well as classic stainless steel designed to match any cabinetry and kitchen design.

Thermador was founded over a century ago in 1916, and since then has been an innovation leader pushing trends forward throughout the appliance industry. Their efficient and visually distinctive star-shaped burners are the talk of the industry, and their precise cooking controls allow for the highest level of control over any cooking process.

Acquired by Bosch in 1998, Thermador continues to manufacture dishwashers, refrigerators and a range of other kitchen products—including ranges — under its own name brand

Comparing Viking and Thermador Ranges

So how do the ranges from Thermador and Viking compare when it comes to features, quality, design, and other factors we care about most? We’ve put together this in-depth guide to give you all the information you need. In the end, we hope you’ll have a more complete picture of how the ranges manufactured by Viking stack up with those produced by Thermador.

We’ll compare each of the four most important factors when choosing a range—design, cooking performance, cleaning options, and accessories.

But first, let’s take a look at the product lines Thermador and Viking are currently offering.

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Overview of Viking Ranges by Design Collections

There are 4 different types of Viking ranges. After reviewing the different models, we believe that Viking drew inspiration from the BMW automobiles when coming up with their naming scheme. The entry-level 3 Series presents the 30” range with the different fuel types. The 5 Series offers 30”, 36”, 48” and 60” professional ranges and all the standard features. The 7 Series is the top of the Viking line and uses premium features on the 36” and 48” models. Finally, the Tuscany Series combines premium materials, top-notch features, and an iconic Italian Design.

Viking Stove Configurations

3 Series:
30 inches wide, Gas, Dual Fuel or Electric, Self Clean on all Models, in Stainless Steel, White or Black – Starting at $4,299

5 Series:
30/36/48/60 inches, Gas or Dual Fuel. Specialty Ranges available as Electric/Induction in 30 inches, or as Open Burner in 30/36 inches. Dual fuel ranges feature 18K BTU powerful burners and a top of the line oven. Optional cooktop configuration with griddle. Color Options are available. – Starting at $4,279 (free dishwasher)

7 Series:
Restaurant caliber ranges for residences. Features the 23K BTU Elevation Burner, Gourmet-Glo Gas Infrared burner. 36 or 48 inches, Gas or Dual Fuel. Optional cooktop configuration with interchangeable griddle and grill. Color Options are available. – Starting at $7,729 (free dishwasher)

36, 48 and 66 inches. Iconic Italian Heritage Style, Color options – Starting at $12,859

Overview of Thermador Ranges

Thermador offers two primary product series—Pro Harmony and Pro Grand. Pro Harmony ranges feature a 24-inch depth that smoothly fits in standard cabinets without protruding.

Pro Grand series ranges are indeed commercial-grade ranges, featuring a 27-inch depth and more cooking options—like a 22,000 BTU extra-power burner. They also offer more cooktop combinations.

All Thermador ranges currently come paired with a free dishwasher promotion. Below is a table which explains differences:

Comparison of Thermador Pro-Harmony vs Pro-Grand Ranges


24-inches flush with cabinets
27-inches commercial depth

Width Options

Extra Low Simmer
On 2 burners
On 4 burners

Maximum Burner Power
18,000 BTU’s
22,000 BTU’s

Oven Options
Gas or Electric
Gas or Electric or Steam

Cooktop Options
Grill, Griddle
Grill, Griddle, Induction

Warming Drawer


All Gas Models
Start at $4,849
Start at $8,099

Dual Fuel Models
Start at $6,199
Start at $9,699

Important Considerations When Shopping for a New Range
(1) Design, Size and Fuel Types

When choosing a range, it’s easy to be overwhelmed by just how many different options the various brands and their products can offer. Comparing burners, construction methods, design styles, and fuel types can easily leave you feeling frustrated. But all of these different figures and features aren’t as complicated as they seem. It’s all about determining exactly what your specific needs will be, then determining which brand offers the design features that will meet those needs most effectively. How often will you be cooking multiple dishes using various sizes of pots and pans? Do you need multiple simmer or quick boil options? These are the questions you’ll want to ask yourself when picking a brand of range.

So how do Viking and Thermador compare when it comes to overall design, size, and fuel types? Let’s find out.

Range Sizes

Both Viking and Thermador offer a wide spectrum of range sizes across their various product lines. Viking’s 3 Series range is 30 inches wide, while Thermador’s Pro Harmony All Gas range is available in a 30-inch, 36-inch or 48-inch variety with 6-8 burners and accompanying griddle options, which we’ll cover later.

At the second tier, Viking offers their 5 Series in 30, 36, 48, or 60 inch options in either gas or dual fuel varieties. Thermador offers 30, 36, and 48-inch options but no massive 60-inch selection like Viking’s. Viking’s 5-series features a dual oven design in the 48” and 60” varieties while the Thermador Pro Harmony features dual ovens in their Pro Harmony 48” options.

At the third level of quality, both companies offer 36 and 48-inch varieties for you to choose from. And once you reach the highest tier of quality, 48 and 60-inch models are available from Thermador while Viking offers a 36, 48, and 66-inch variety for you to select from when choosing the right size for you.

The Tuscany Series’ 48” and 66” ranges feature dual ovens, while Thermador’s 48” Pro Grand Dual Fuel series does as well.

Fuel Options

As you can see, both Thermador and Viking offer both pure gas and dual fuel options for you to select from, so it will depend on which brand gives you the most features in other areas besides their fuel options. You’ll find dual fuel available in Thermador’s Pro Harmony and Pro Grand ranges, while Viking offers dual fuel capability in their 3 series, 5 series, 7 series, and Tuscany models.
Viking’s 3 Series also features the option to choose an electric-only option, making it a unique offering among all of the ranges offered by Viking and Thermador alike.

But what exactly are the benefits of dual fuel ranges, as opposed to gas or electric? Let’s find out.

Pros and Cons of Range Fuel Types

Having a gas range means that both your oven and your stovetop are heated the same way—with gas fuel. An electric range is the opposite—it heats both the interior of your oven and the top of your cooktop with electric energy. But a dual fuel range combines both worlds, using electricity to power the heating of your oven and gas burners to fuel your cooking on the range’s cooktop.

This approach is often sought after as it allows for even cooking advantages that electric ovens provide over gas ovens, while gas cooktops are considered faster and more efficient for stovetop cooking than electric ones.

Overall, this balance of electric power and gas power makes dual fuel ranges the most efficient, effective, and generally sought after range types. But, in the end, it all comes down to your unique needs and specific preferences for what you look for in a high-quality and high-end range design.

NOTE: Dual-fuel ranges require a 220V electrical outlet to be powered, so ensure that this is a capability of your kitchen setup before making a purchase of a dual fuel range.

Want to find out about range fuel types? Check out our article on the topic here: Gas vs. Dual Fuel

(2) Cooking Performance

Now let’s talk cooking power. More than anything, you want your range to be able to handle every cooking task you throw at it with power to spare. Whether it’s making a simple baked good or preparing a massive feast for the holidays that involves multiple burners, dual ovens working at once, and multiple dishes being juggled at multiple heats, you want to make sure that your specific needs are met by whichever range you choose.

With that in mind, let’s look at how Viking and Thermador stack up in terms of how well they handle a wide range of cooking tasks. You might be surprised to find that each brand carries its own unique advantages in specific areas of cooking performance.

Customization Options

The ability to customize and adjust the arrangement of your range is ideal for serious home chefs who like their range to be exactly what they want it to be. Fortunately, both Viking and Thermador offer plenty of options in this regard. While Viking’s 3 Series doesn’t offer custom options, higher product tiers do. The 5 series offers an optional cooktop configuration with a griddle, while the restaurant-caliber 7 series boasts interchangeable griddle and grill functionality.

Meanwhile, Thermador offers customizable grill and griddle options with 8, 6, or 4 burners in each of their quality and fuel classes, from the Pro Harmony series to the Pro Grand series in gas or dual fuel.

Choosing the right configuration for your needs is all about deciding what you want from your range cooktop, and how you think you’re most likely to use it in the future.

Burner Types & Burner Power

This is where Viking and Thermador face powerful distinctions—while both brands offers series’ that boast burners ranging between 18K BTU (the standard measurement of burner power) to an impressive 22K BTU in the Thermador Pro Grand and 23K in the Viking 7 Series, there is something that sets one apart from the other.

We’re talking about Thermador’s trademark star-shaped burners. Is this just a marketing gimmick designed to make Thermador stand out? Actually, it’s a bit more nuanced than that.

Thermador’s star-shaped burners allow for a more even distribution of heat, thanks to a flame pattern that extends across more of the surface area of the bottom of your pots and pans. That means, according to Thermador, faster heating, more even cooking, and more dependable performance. What’s a fact is that the star burners allow for over 50% more coverage along the bottom of your cookware.

In addition to massive burning power, Thermador offers the innovative ExtraLow burner, which keeps food at a stable 100 degrees Fahrenheit by cycling the flame on and off automatically. This is perfect for simmering, melting chocolate while ensuring it doesn’t burn, and just keeping food warm until you’re ready to eat.

Oven Performance

Speaking of performance, how do the oven functions perform against one another when you compare Thermador and Viking ranges?

We already mentioned that both brands offer dual fuel options for more even cooking as well as configurations that feature double ovens for cooking multiple dishes at once. Otherwise, both brands provide world-class oven cooking performance and precision—flawlessly designed broilers, telescoping racks for easy adding and removing of food, and other high-end features.

You’ll find features specific to each brand, like Viking’s Rapid Ready preheat function that uses both the broiler and baking elements to heat the oven faster, or Thermador’s steam oven design that allows for steam, convection, or steam and convection together for the most flexible cooking options available.

Overall, decide for yourself which features matter most to you and which oven design will best suit your cooking needs. You can’t go wrong with either brand, as they’ve both mastered the quality oven cooking and baking experience that combines restaurant-quality features with the convenience of home cooking.

Cooking Modes and Convenience

Both Thermador and Viking offer a wide range of preset cooking options, though in truth these professional-grade series are more geared towards home chefs who like a high degree of customization and perfectionism. As such, be able to better harness the power and precision of your range from either Viking or Thermador if you’re willing to step away from the preset options and decide your settings for yourself—after all, exploration and experimentation are what cooking is all about. That’s especially true when you’re using a world-class machine from either Thermador or Viking.

Here are some of the other cooking capabilities both Viking and Thermador have to offer.

Viking Stoves

VariSimmer Need a low-level simmer function? It’s standard on all Viking burners, allowing for extremely precise low-heat settings to avoid burning.

Rapid Ready Preheat Combining the broil and bake elements allows for a much faster reheat when you’re in a hurry to get cooking.

GourmetGlo Infrared Broiler The infrared glass broiler is perfect for getting high heat levels without drying food while cooking. It’s great for pizzas and other dishes and is available on both electric and gas variations.

Thermador Stoves

Liberty Induction Module This surface heats only the surface touching your pan, so that no heat or energy or wasted. It even automatically adjusts the temperature whenever you move your pan around the surface.
Warming Drawer | Need to keep up to ten loaded plates warm until its time to eat without overcooking them? Thermador has you covered.
Multi-Point Meat Probe | Perfect for determining the internal temperature of foods, this meat probe also features a backlit display for easy reading.

Indoor Grill Using ceramic briquettes for indoor grilling is made possible with the 2,000-watt, 800 degree electric grill function offered by Thermador.

Cleaning Options

No matter how much you enjoy cooking and baking with either a Thermador or Viking range, there comes a time when the baking is done. That’s when you’ll thank yourself for taking the time to determine which brand offers the best and most robust cleaning options for your unique needs. The easier, faster, and more efficient cleaning can become, the more quickly you can get back to cooking or enjoying your life once the meal is done.

So which brand offers the easiest cleaning capabilities? It all comes down to what you’re looking for in cleaning features.

Ease and Effectiveness of Cleaning

Thermador’s star-shaped burners might seem difficult to clean at first glance, but they actually feature Thermador’s patented QuickClean Base, designed to offer plenty of space beneath the burner for easy access when cleaning.

On the other hand, Viking ranges feature Elevated Burners for the same purpose, while also offering the VariSimmer-to-High (VSH) function that makes burning off debris easier.

Tuscany ranges from Viking that are equipped with a griddle also feature an extra knob which, when pulled, opens the Griddle Trough. This trough is designed to trap grease and debris that accumulate from cooking in order to make your cleanup as easy and quick as possible.

Both Viking and Thermador machines are designed for maximum ease of cleaning when it comes to the cooktop. But how about the oven?

Self-Cleaning Options

Don’t worry, you’re covered here as well. Both Thermador and Viking boast self-cleaning oven times that can be completed in just a couple of hours. This helps to vaporize and break apart the buildup of grease, allowing you to simply wipe up the leftover debris with a damp cloth once the cycle is finished.

Running self-cleaning cycles on your oven on a semi-regular basis is important for the maintenance of your machine, as it prevents the ongoing buildup of grease that can become more difficult to remove over time.

(3) Smart Features and Accessories

In 2019, it’s no longer enough to design a visually stylish range that cooks effectively—it’s now all about accessories and connectivity. Discerning appliance shoppers want to be able to access information about their range from anywhere, find data about its operation, and even control features remotely. WiFi connectivity and Bluetooth control have become increasingly expected in even mid-range appliances, so how do Thermador and Viking stack up in their high-end offerings?

WiFi Connectivity and Remote Options

Viking offers iDevice connectivity options, allowing you to monitor the temperature of your food from up to 200 feet away. That means that whether you’re in another room or out in the yard, you can always ensure that your food is cooking exactly as you like without having to rush to the kitchen every few minutes.

Thermador’s connected experience via Home Connect allows you to control cooking from your devices, perform diagnostics to ensure your range is functioning effectively, and even access recipes and product tutorials. It’s a robust, complete experience that makes Thermador’s connectivity options top of their class.

Additional Accessories and Features

When you get to this level of quality, you can and should expect to be rewarded with high-end features and accessories from both brands. So let’s compare each and see where there special offerings stack up.


SureSpark Ignition System No more clicking and clicking the ignition trying to get your burner to light. The SureSpark ignition lights your burner the first time, every time. It even automatically relights if the burner goes out while cooking.

Self-Clean This easy-to-use cleaning cycle is 2.5 hours long and means all you have to do is wipe away ash once it’s done.

GentleClose Door Your oven door will always close silently and gently with its GentleClose design that makes slammed doors a thing of the past.

TruGlide Oven Rack The TruGlide oven rack allows you to extend the racks out in front of the oven, which makes loading and unloading food incredibly easy and straightforward—plus you’re less likely to burn your hand inside the oven.


Full Access Telescopic Racks No more bending way over to reach into the oven. These racks slide fully out for loading and unloading even heavy dishes.

Quick Self Clean Don’t have time for a long self-clean? Thermador’s Quick Self Clean is the fastest option on the market.

Color TFT Display This high-end successor to LCD screens is incredibly sharp and features touch controls for a modern look and pleasing functionality.

Soft Close Door No more slammed doors or slammed fingers with the Thermador Soft Close Door.


Both Thermador and Viking stoves bring a high level of design quality, cooking ability, and high-end features to your kitchen. They offer multiple size options, a high degree of customizability, and more accessories and luxury add-ons than you can count.

When it comes to deciding between the two, the biggest factor is your own preference. Style is a major factor, as both Viking and Thermador offer very distinctive but unique approaches to the visual design of their ranges. In the end, the more you see what each has to offer, the easier it is to make a decision that will benefit your home cooking experience for years to come.

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