Which Dual Fuel Range is the Best? Our Top Picks for 2019 [REVIEW]

There are electric ranges and gas ranges, and then there are dual-fuel ranges. Like the name suggests, these ranges use two different fuel sources. The most common style is a gas cooktop and electric oven. These ranges offer flexibility and optimization for specific cooking styles.

But how do you know which dual fuel range is best suited to your needs? We’ve got you covered. We’ve compiled a list of the six best dual fuel ranges of 2019. But more than that, we wanted to make sure that our customers are able to make an informed decision about how to pick the right dual fuel range for them. No two people are the same or have the same cooking needs and preferences. We can recommend the best brands and models, but only you can decide which features and design elements mean the most to you.

With that in mind, let’s start by taking a look at the most important factors to consider when you’re choosing a range of any type—especially a dual fuel range.

Top Picks Table

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Picking the Right Dual Fuel Range

Don’t worry, our six top picks for ranges are on the way. But first, the five categories that go into making our choices (and the five categories you should consider when shopping for your own range).

Cooking Power & Range
The number one most important factor when choosing a range—cooking ability. You want both your oven and cooktop to be capable of delivering the kind of cooking power you need to handle a wide range of tasks.

For your oven, you want to enjoy robust bake, broil, and even convection cooking capabilities to ensure that you never meet a cooking task you can’t handle.

For the cooktop, it’s important to have a range of cooking powers across the individual cooking elements. You should be able to reach impressively high heats for that perfect sear while also reaching low temperatures for careful simmering and melting.

Make sure you choose the right size for your range. This might be simple—if you’re installing the range in an existing kitchen, it just has to fit the space that’s available for it. Make sure to measure your previous range to make sure that you pick the right size.

Don’t forget about depth and height! Your range should be roughly the same depth and height as your cabinets so that it doesn’t stick out in any direction (or sit too low or far back).

Want to keep using your dual fuel range for years to come? Reliability matters. The best companies build proucts that are made to last, so don’t neglect reliability ratings when doing your research on dual fuel ranges.

Features are what can take a range from ‘gets the job done’ to ‘cooking is fun.’ WiFi connectivity, built-in customizable cooking programs, easy cleaning functionality and other features can take your new range from a reliable part of your kitchen to your favorite part of your kitchen. Don’t neglect special features when comparing models.

We always say to consider style over substance, but that doesn’t mean you should ignore style altogether. The looks of your range matter, both in terms of how modern and well-designed it appears to how it blends and matches the rest of your appliances and kitchen decor.

Our Top Picks
1) Cafe C2S950P2MS1 30-inch Slide-In Double Oven Range

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The Cafe line is GE’s high-end answer to luxury competitors, and it has quickly become one of the most revered appliance brands on the market. This model shows you why, with a dual oven design, six individual burners capable of adapting to a wide range of uses, plus that gorgeous slide-in design that perfectly integrates into any kitchen. Other features include an integrated griddle, edge-to-edge cooktop design, and absolutely stunning visual style available in multiple finishes—including brushed gold control knobs. There’s a reason this dual fuel range is at the top of our list.

2) Samsung NY58J9850WS Chef Collection 30-inch Dual Fuel Range

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You know Samsung from their expertise in the world of high-tech hardware, but they entered the appliance market only recently. So how do they stack up against the more established competition?

To put it simply? Quite well. Samsung has quickly become a brand to beat when it comes to luxury appliances, and this slide-in dual fuel range is a great example of why. It doesn’t just feature the high-tech features like WiFi connectivity and smart home control that Samsung is known for, it also backs them up with real cooking power. You’ll love the dual power burners, true convection, and dual oven design that can cook with multiple temperature configurations.

3) GE Profile P2B940SEJSS 30-inch Dual Fuel Range

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Another brand owned by GE, the Profile series is known for great mid-range and high-end models. This standalone unit balances luxury and affordability fairly well, boasting a dual purpose center burner that can be used in a traditional circle or oval configuration for large/long pans and skillets. It also boasts WiFi connectivity, an edge-to-edge cooktop, and True European Convection with Precise Air technology that gets you perfect cooking results without turning the pan.

With a max burner output of 20,000 BTU, you’ll have everything you need to handle any cooking task.

4) Wolf DF304 30-inch Dual Fuel Range

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Wolf is an established name in appliance design, with their trademark red knobs making them an instantly recognizable product in any kitchen. This Wolf creation represents the highest of the high-end, with an eye-popping price tage to match. But if you’re willing to pay the premium, you’ll be rewarded with a world-class cooking experience from top to bottom. Burners are capable of heat output ranging from 300 BTU to 20,000 BTU, and the sealed black porcelan-coated burner pans make cleanup easy. Dual convection allows you to easily control heat and airflow in the oven, while a built-in temperature probe lets you leave nothing to chance. The control panel blends into the stainless steel finish when not in use, and automatic flame reignition improves temperature control and peace of mind. Overall, this is a stunningly designed dual fuel range that would be at home in the highest-end kitchens around the world.

5) Thermador PRD366WHU Pro Harmony 36-inch Dual Fuel Range

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Speaking of ultra-high-end, meet this stunner from Thermador. Featuring a slide-in design, stunning stainless steel finish, and sturdy front-panel control knobs, you certainly can’t miss this beauty. But does it have the cooking power to match? Absolutely. It features six Star Burners, Thermador’s patented star-shaped burners that increase heat distribution and even cooking power. It also boasts the world’s lowest simmer capabilites, able to reduce burner heat to 100F. As for the oven, you’ll enjoy full convection cooking, precise temperature control, and a wide range of bake and broil options for even the most specific cooking needs. Plus, six rack levels and a lareg oven door make placing and monitoring your food incredibly easy. Plus, it’s all packed into a design that’s made from the world’s best materials and built to last.

6) Miele HR1934DF 36-inch Dual Fuel Range

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Keeping the high-end theme going, meet the Miele HR1934DF. It baosts everything you’ve come to expect from luxury ranges, including six sealed burners, a wide range of BTU output options, true convection, continuous grates, included temperature probe, TwinPower convection fans, 21 operating modes, MasterChef automatic cooking programs, and a clean touch stainless steel front to avoid smudges. If you have $10,000 or so to spare for your kitchen range, you could do worse than the Miele HR1934DF.


Dual fuel ranges are a great way to get the best of both worlds when it comes to your range, and the models we’ve listed above are among the best of the best. Whether you choose one of these or pick another option not listed here, make sure you do your research and understand exactly what you’re buying (and what you aren’t.) And remember—no two kitchens are the same. What’s right for you may not be right for someone else. Happy range shopping!


Are there other dual fuel range fuel configurations?
While electric cooktop, gas oven products may exist, they’re not particularly common on the market. The gas cooktop, electric stove arrangement is the most common. That said, induction ranges frequently have electric ovens, which would technically make any induction range a ‘dual fuel’ appliance.

What are BTUs and what do they mean for cooking?
BTU stands for “British Thermal Unit,” and in basic terms it’s a unit for measuring how much heat a burner or heating element can produce. The best cooktops are capable of approaching 20,000 BTU for powerfully hot searing.

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