Best Gas Cooktops for 2019 – Our Top 6 Picks [REVIEW]

Looking for the best gas cooktop that can handle everything you throw at it and more? It’s not always easy selecting the right cooktop for your needs, especially when you realize just how many options there are out there in the market. From high-end options listed for thousands of dollars to budget-friendly options that are light on features, it can be tough to even know where to begin.

Gas cooktops have been beloved for years for their style, power, and the unique advantages that come from cooking over an open flame. These include the ability to retain heat even when your cookware is tilted at an angle rather than flat against the heating element. This feature is huge for those who like collecting juices at one end of the pan in order to baste their food, or for one-handed movement of food throughout the pan.

Gas cooktops are also popular for the high heat output they can manage, as well as their often heavy-duty construction and luxury appearance.

All that said, not all gas cooktops are created equal. Some are more reliable, powerful, precise, and feature-rich than others. So how do you know that you’re selecting the right gas cooktop when there are literally hundreds of options to choose from among dozens of brands—all claiming their gas cooktops are the ones to beat?

That’s where we come in — we’ve created this in-depth roundup to help summarize a few of the absolute best gas cooktops available anywhere on the market. We’ll also breakdown what makes a gas cooktop worthwhile, and how you can differentiate one from the other. In the end, we hope you’ll be able to make an informed decision when it comes to to the purchase of your next gas cooktop.

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Top Picks TableWhat to Look For in a Gas Cooktop

Before we get to our rankings, it’s important to address exactly what makes a great gas cooktop so great. While it can be easy to look at a cooktop that’s covered in stainless steel, shiny knobs and elegant finishes and assume it’s a quality appliance, you might be fooled when it comes to what’s under the hood.

Gas cooktops are slightly more complex than electric ranges, as they involve the use of gas fuel that must then be ignited and kept burning in an open flame to function. That means that there is greater margin for error when it comes to their reliability, cooking power, and features. That said, the best gas cooktops are among the best cooktops of any type in the world. Here are four of the most important factors to consider when it’s time to choose your next gas cooktop.

Cooking Power & Range

It should go without saying that a cooktop’s ability to, well, cook should be the top priority when making your selection. Cooking power is measured in BTUs, a unit that determines just how much heat output a burner can manage. The most powerful residential burners can reach as high as 20,000 BTU.

But strength isn’t everything—your cooktop’s burners should be able to handle delicately small output levels, too. How else are you going to get that perfect simmer or carefully melt chocolate without burning it beyond recognition?

The best cooktops feature a range of burner power, from the fastest boiling burner to the daintiest simmer burner. Some cooktops split up their burners into dedicated tasks, while others feature burners that can do it all from high- to low-heat.


As we mentioned above, gas cooktops involve a specific process—releasing gas fuel, lighting that fuel, keeping that fire lit and adjusting its size and heat output over time. All of this means that ensuring reliability in the long-term use of your gas cooktop is extremely important. The best cooktop manufacturers back up their reliability with warranties and guarantees designed to give you peace of mind, but not all warranties are created equal. Look for those that cover as much of the cooktop as possible for as long as possible. This not only ensures you’ll be protected in the event of any major issues, but it also speaks to that brand’s belief in the power and effectiveness of their machines.

If a brand offers an extremely limited warranty, it’s probably because they’re looking to avoid paying for the defects they expect you to experience down the road.


Beyond the basic cooking power of your gas cooktop, it’s also important to consider how feature-rich it is. From wireless connectivity to safety features like auto-shutoff in the event of an extinguished flame, the best gas cooktops go above and beyond mere cooking ability to bring you a world-class experience from start to finish.


Let’s not forget that you don’t just have to use your cooktop—you have to look at it, too. Your gas cooktop takes up quite a bit of visual real estate in your kitchen, so it’s important that it have a visually pleasing, timeless, and high-quality design that will make you proud to have it feature prominently in your home. Many brands have different approaches to how they design their cooktops for maximum visual style, so make sure you choose one that matches your own personal preferences to keep yourself happy for years to come.

Our Picks – 6 Best Gas Cooktops

Now let’s dive into our rundown of the six best gas cooktops in 2019.

1) Bosch Benchmark NGMP656UC 36-inch 5 Burner Gas Cooktop

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Bosch is a name that’s long been associated with high-end designs and quality appliances. It is a well deserved reputation through years of quality and a dedication to producing visually beautiful and all-around dependable appliances. Bosch appliances get the job done with grace and style.

The Bosch Benchmark series is no exception. This impressive model features 5 sealed and double-stacked burners. The center burner is exceptionally powerful at 20,000 BTU’s. Two 12,000 BTU burners a 10,000 BTU, and 5,500 BTU burners are also available to handle different pot sizes and cooking needs.

Low temperature option on these burners will allow you to simmer delicate sasuse and even melt chocolate without scorching.

The heavy-duty metal knobs are large and visually impressive, making adjusting your temperature easy. The cast iron grate is built to last, and it’s all housed in a visually pleasing and minimalist package that will be right at home in just about any style of decor.

Bosch consistently rates highly for reliability and overall build quality, and the Benchmark series fits right in line with that storied lineage of quality. If you’re willing to spring for a premium gas cooktop, the Bosch Benchmark series is among the absolute best money can buy.

Also comes in 30-inch width.

2) Samsung NA36N7755TS 36-inch Gas Cooktop

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Samsung may be relatively new to the kitchen appliance market compared to some of its competitors, but it has already staked its claim near the mountaintop when it comes to incredibly designs that are rich with modern features.

This Samsung gas cooktop features 5 burners, one of which is a high-powered output burner for fast boiling and high sear temperatures. (Right Front: 13K BTU, Left Front: 9.5K BTU, Right Rear: 5K BTU, Left Rear: 9.5K BTU, Center: 22K BTU)

It rates extremely highly for reliability and overall satisfaction from actual consumers, and both its high-heat and low-heat capabilities are impressive.

Continuous grate design means that there are no breaks in the grating across the top of the cooktop surface. Why does this matter? It allows you to smoothly slide cookware on and off the surface without it getting caught on any ridges.

Finally, it wouldn’t be a Samsung product without WiFi connectivity, allowing you to connect and control your cooktop with your smartphone of choice.

Also available in 30-inch and in Black Stainless Steel color. Comes with a cast iron griddle and a wok grate.

3) Wolf CG365P/S 5 Burner Gas Cooktop

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Wolf is another respected brand in the world of gas cooktops and other appliances, and the CG365P/S is the culmination of years of innovation in gas-powered cooking. The 5 dual-stacked burners are perfect for handling a wide range of tasks, from the powerful 18,000 BTU capacity down to simmer temperatures perfect for melting chocolate without burning it.

The 18K burner is accompanied by 3 x 9,200 BTU burners and a 12,000 BTU burner. Variety of burners sizes allow you to use different sizes of pots and pans without burning their handles.

Meanwhile, continuous cast iron grates make for easy moving of pots and pans why the easy-clean burner pan is designed without seams to make cleaning as straightforward as possible (whithout grease build-up in cracks and crevices.)

Wolf appliances are known for their intense product quality testing, resulting in extremely high reliability ratings.

4) BlueStar RBCT365BSSV2 36 Inch Gas Cooktop

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With a top burner power rating of 22,000 BTU, this BlueStar gas cooktop is a champion when it comes to overall heating power. But it’s not just a muscular cooking machine—it’s also capable of handling extremely low simmers and a wide range of cooking tasks with its 130° minimum temperature. It also boasts commercial-grade stainless steel construction plus heavy-duty knobs for easy and dependable control. Full-motion grates also ensure that you can move your pots and pans across the cooking surface with ease.

Available in both 30" and 36" sizes, this Bluestar cooktop also features an easy-to-clean design plus a one year warranty guaranteed by Bluestar. For safe operation, Bluestar has included an automatic electronic ignition and re-ignition system. That means that if the fire burning goes out, the cooktop will automatically detect and reignite it.

Overall, Bluestar is known for reliable and fully-featured appliances, and this cooktop is no different. You can’t go wrong selecting this 5-burner, stainless steel design for your home cooking setup.

5) Thermador SGSXP365TS 36-inch Masterpiece Gas Cooktop

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Thermador is known for their distinctive star-shaped burner design. The five-point design is not just for the looks. Thermador engineered the "Pedestal Star Burner" to reduce cold spots and maximize coverage when cooking for total flame distribution, and it truly is an impressive difference. In addition, the pedestal design allows for easy reach for cleaning and keeps the heat away from the basin for clean look (cooler surface prevents baked-on food residue).

The SGSXP365TS also features an ExtraLow feature that provides an incredibly precise and delicate simmering capability, cycling on and off at regular intervals to maintain the perfect temperature without getting too hot.

The large metal knobs feature a blue illumination feature that adjusts to tell you whether the burner is set to regular or ExtraLow setting, and the overall design features chiseled cooktop edges and a trapezoid-shaped control panel for a distinctive all-around profile.

The center-mounted burner features 18,000 BTU of power, with continuous grates across the surface for easy movement of pots and pans. You’ll also find automatic re-ignition, a push-to-turn knob system, and single-point ignition that only ignites the burner being used at a given time for added safety.

Also available in 30-inch width with or without the pedestal burners. The budget version of this product, SGS365TS, offers a 16K BTU burner.

6) Miele KM3475G 36-inch Gas Cooktop

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Miele is known for high-end kitchen appliances, and they live up to that reputation with the KM3475. Lovers of a variety of cooking styles will be pleased with its innovative design, which boasts two dual-wok burners for all of your favorite wok-based dishes. Five burners total will give you plenty of room to work, and the electronic controls ensure consistent ignition and safety. Enamelled grates and burner caps not only create a clean and modern look, but they also ensure long-lasting durability without visible scratches.

Overall, the KM3475 is an impressive entry from Miele that earns them a spot on our list of the best gas cooktops.

Also, available in 30-inch with and with hexa-shaped grates.

Final Verdict

Any of the six cooktops on this list will give you the gas-powered cooking capabilities you’re looking for, but it’s up to you to decide which brings the features, visual style, and reliability rating you’re looking for in a cooking experience.


Are gas cooktops more dangerous than electric or induction cooktops?
While gas cooktops do feature an open flame, they’re not significantly more dangerous than electric or induction cooktops when used responsibly.

Do gas cooktops require more ventilation than electric cooktops?
Ventilation is important for any cooking area, including for gas cooktops. This helps to vent away any smoke that occurs from burnt food as well as any residual gas residue or scent.

What are BTUs and what do they mean for cooking?
BTU stands for “British Thermal Unit,” and in basic terms it’s a unit for measuring how much heat a burner or heating element can produce. The best cooktops are capable of approaching 20,000 BTU for powerfully hot searing.

What are the advantages of gas over electric cooktops?
Gas cooktops allow for more flexibility when it comes to heat distribution over your cookware. Because the flame generates heat beyond the cooking surface, you can move your cookware more freely as you cook.

What is a sealed burner?
A sealed burner is designed with a cap over the central section where the flames emit on a gas stove. One of the main benefits of this design is that it makes cleaning easier, while also preventing oil and food bits from dropping down into the burners. While not essential, sealed burners can be a great feature on gas cooktops.

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