Stay Connected to Your Kitchen with Smart Appliances from GE!

Smart appliances keep you connected to your kitchen anytime, anywhere!

It’s a statement repeated so often it might as well be a clich√© at this point, but the internet has truly revolutionized every aspect of modern life. It has given us the ability to stay connected to people and to the devices we use on a daily basis. The rapid advancement of technology has even changed the way we interact with our homes and appliances. Smart appliances from GE are designed to work with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant technology to help you do more in your kitchen! What are some of the benefits of utilizing GE’s smart appliances in your kitchen?

Access Anywhere, Anytime

With Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa technology connecting your devices, you can control and monitor activities from your GE smart appliances anywhere you have an internet connection. Before leaving work in the afternoon, for example, you can use the U+ Connect app (GE’s companion app for smart appliances) to turn on the coffee maker in your smart refrigerator to have hot water ready when you get home! You can also monitor temperature levels in the refrigerator, operate air conditioner units,¬† start or finish the dishwasher on compatible models, or even preheat the oven!

Error Notifications

When your home is outfitted with shiny new smart appliances, it’s almost impossible to think about the future when some of these devices may not work optimally or even malfunction. But the truth is that nearly all appliances will need repair work at some point or another, and the sooner you can identify the problem, the better it will be for the ultimate life of the appliance. Very few, however, are able to see these problems before they turn into something more major. Enter GE smart appliances, which are able to send out notifications to your smartphone to alert you about any unusual operations, even ones you can’t see. This helps you get any potential issues addressed before they become bigger problems and can lead to an overall net increase in the life of your appliances!

Reducing Energy Use

Smart appliances and their companion apps also do a great job of monitoring each unit’s energy consumption in real time, and some even provided automated settings to save energy. The effects of each individual action on your monthly energy bill may be small, but over time the savings can really add up!

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