Bosch Dishwasher Review – 100 vs. 300 vs. 500 vs. 800 Series

Bosch makes arguably the best dishwashers in the world. A Bosch dishwasher is quiet and energy efficient. In this article, we would like to draw attention to one of the strong suits of Bosch which is its vast selection. Unlike its competitors, Bosch offers different dishwasher product lines to address the unique needs of its customers. While achieving this goal, Bosch does not compromise their legendary German quality standards.

We are excited to report that starting in July 2019 Bosch added innovative new models to its lineup. The new dishwashers feature AutoAir Dry and CrystalDry to achieve the best drying results in the industry. AutoAir Dry models will open the door ajar when the clean cycle is over. This will let fresh air in and enhance drying. The revolutionary CrystalDry takes internal temperature to 176F (a whopping 14F increase over the previous ExtraDry feature and all without additional energy consumption). We will be testing these new models in the upcoming weeks and reflect on our findings.

Many of our customers ask us what distinguishes one Bosch model from the other? Below, we explain in plain English (hopefully without industry jargon) how you can easily select which model family might be best suited for your needs.

What are the differences among Bosch Dishwasher Series 100 vs. 300 vs. 500 vs. 800?

Main Features

100 Series:
Formerly known as the Ascenta series. Cost effective, Tub has plastic bottom, 48-50 dBA, Standard 3rd rack and Infolight that projects to the floor for towel bar handle models.
from $534

300 Series:
All stainless steel tub, water softener on select models, ADA compliant models, 18" compact models, 44 dbA quiet, Leak Protection System
from $759

500 Series:
Recessed handle design an innovative Bosch design, 44 dBA, Easy Glide Upper Rack, AutoAir Dry on select models
from $849

800 Series:
This is where the real Bosch quality becomes obvious, Responsive controls, 39-42 dBA silence rating, more flexible interior, MyWay Rack on select models, ADA compliant models, 18-inch selection, HomeConnect Wifi, CrystalDry in select models
from $849

Absolutely luxurious with all gliding racks, water softener, fully flexible interior, extra shallow depth models for European cabinet flush installation, CrystalDry in select models
from $1,199

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Bosch Dishwasher Series 100 vs 300 vs 500 vs 800

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The Best 5 Bosch Dishwashers for 2019
1) Good – Bosch SHX84AYD5N 100 DLX Series 24" Dishwasher, 3rd Rack, 48 dB

Ideal When You are on a Budget

Product Place Holder

This is the enty level Bosch product family with prices ranging from $500 to low $600’s. This line was formally known as the Ascenta series until late 2018.

The SHX84AYD5N is the go-to model on this series at 48 dB.

  • Variety of finishes (stainless steel, white, black, units that accept cabinet panels, towel bar handle models etc.)
  • Quiet at 48-50 dB sound level
  • Come with stainless steel interior walls but plastic bottom
  • 5 wash cycles are common on all the models
  • Spacious with 14 place settings
  • 3rd Rack is standard in most Bosch Ascenta dishwashers
  • People are generally happy with drying performance of these dishwashers as long as they use proper rinse aid and load the machine correctly.
  • InfoLight projects to the floor in most models

2) Really Good – Bosch SHEM63W55N 300 Series 24" Dishwasher, 44 dB, 3rd Rack

If You Want All Stainless Steel Interior

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The SHEM63W55N is the most popular Bosch dishwasher under $750. Its price floats around $699 including the manufacturer rebate.

Priced stating at low $600’s, Bosch 300 series dishwashers make up for most of the shortcomings of the Asecenta series. These models offer everything found in the list above, plus these features:

  • Full stainless steel interior
  • Much quieter at 44 dB
  • Speed60 Cycle ensures all dishes are cleaned up under an hour
  • ExtraDry option is a new addition to the feature list as of late 2017 to give a heat boost to the condensating dry cycle
  • 3rd Rack get more flexible to accomodate larger items
  • Overall the interior is more flexible by having the ability to adjust the tines and RackMatic makes it easy to make room for larger plates and pots or for taller glasses
  • Larger interior capacity with room for 16 place settings
  • Bosch 300 series comes with a variety of design choices as well as with models suited for special applications such as ADA height for raised floors, watersoftener and 18" slim dishwashers for smaller kitchens.

3) The Better – Bosch SHP865WD5N 500 DLX Dishwasher, 44 dB, Flex 3rd Rack, InfoLight

Quietness and Unique Design

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Bosch 500 Series SHP865WD5N dishwasher is a true hit for the manufacturer. It features the timeless pocket handle design which fits any kitchen environment. After seasonal rebates you will be able to purchase this model series for as low as approximately $799.

  • Bosch added EasyGlide racks as the premium feature to the 500 Series. You really appreciate the ease of EasyGlide when pulling in/out the fully loaded upper rack.
  • As of 2019, Bosch included a new bar handle version for the 500 series.
  • The new AutoAir dry feature surfaces on the siblings of this Bosch SHP865WD5N. The new SHXM65W55N and the DLX version with the extra-scrub program, SHP865ZD5N have the same programming but incorporate the effective AutoAir dry which opens the door ajar after the progrom is over.

4) The Best – Bosch SHXM78W55N 800 24" Dishwasher, 42 dB – Flex 3rd Rack, InfoLight

What Bosch is Really Known For

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The 800 Series dishwashers are the flagship design for Bosch. You will notice the instant upgraded look and feel on these dishwashers. Considering seasonally available rebates these dishwashers start at high $800’s price point.

The SHXM78W55N stands out in this series as the most popular choice among our customers.

  • Supremely quiet at 39 db to 42 db.
  • MyWay Rack is introduced with the 800 Series. This special 3rd rack application is ideal for ramekins, cereal bowls, measuring cups, ladles and more. You can even find a removable silverware tray with folding tines on this innovative 3rd rack.
  • Controls are touch sensitive.
  • 6 Cycles are the standard on the 800 Series.
  • HomeConnect feature gets you Internet connectivity. If you cannot get enough of your iPhone, HomeConnect will give you one more reason to spend more time on it.
  • Similar to the 300 Series, the Bosch 800 Series dishwashers come with a variety of design choices as well as with models suited for special applications such as ADA height for raised floors, water softener and 18" slim dishwashers for smaller kitchens.

5) The Ultra Premium – Bosch Benchmark SHV89PW73N Dishwasher, 39 dB, Water Softener, Interior Light, Flex 3rd Rack

Feature-Rich and the Quietest Dishwasher

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This series of dishwashers are ideal for those who are seeking the best cleaning performance along with the quietest possible operation (impressive spectrum from 38 to 42 dB). Bosch Benchmark dishwashers also come with all the bells and whistles such as interior lights and easy gliding racks.

The SHV89PW73N stands out as a shallow depth dishwasher with customer panel ready finish so you can integrate it with your cabinets.


Bosch offers different dishwasher styles and a rich feature set to fit any budget. While the Ascenta and the 300 Series dishwashers are ideal for those who are budget conscious, the 500 Series and especially the Bosch 800 Series dishwashers will give you the maximum quality and design choices. Also, Bosch has many options for special applications such as shorter height units, water softener for hard water areas and 18" slim units. At Designer Appliances we keep close track of changes and updates to Bosch dishwasher product catalog. Feel free to check the latest updates in our blog post "What’s New in Bosch Dishwashers"

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What are the Bosch dishwashers that dry the best?

As of 2018 Bosch added "Extra Dry" cycle to its dishwasher starting all the way from the entry level 100 Series. This really helped the company to respond to the American customers that tend to use plastics in their household.

However, as of July 2019 select new Bosch dishwashers raised the bar further with AutoAir dry and CrystalDry. Here are some of the Bosch dishwashers that dry the best:

1) Bosch 500 Series SHPM65Z55N with AutoAir Dry

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We love the classic 500 Series pocket handle design and the superior clean that is provides. Now, with the addition of the door that opens after the cycle is over this dishwashers will get you the best drying job.

2) Bosch 800 Series SHEM78Z55N with CrystalDry

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The 800 Series is the flagship of the Bosch family of dishwashers. CrystalDry is an amazing feature that literally gets "bone-dry" dishes similar to the peformance we see in heating element dishwashers.

A major benefit of CrystalDry is that it will not melt your plastics like a different brand of dishwasher would manage to do.

If you are looking for the best drying job definitely consider the 800 Series Bosch dishwasher with CrystalDry.

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