Bertazzoni Ranges – 5 Things to Know Before Buying

There’s no doubt that Bertazzoni ranges are attention grabbing, head turning focal points in today’s kitchens. Steeped in a heritage of Italian design and offering a dazzling array of colors, Bertazzoni has been crafting some of the most beautiful and cost-effective kitchen stoves for more than 100 years.

If you’re new to the Bertazzoni name and want to learn a bit more about their approach to range design, here are 5 things to know before buying a Bertazzoni range.

Bertazzoni Ranges Reviewed with Great Visuals

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Please note that all Bertazzoni ranges come with a free ventilation option. Bertazzoni runs occasional promotions to include a free dishwasher in kitchen package purchases. Contact our sales staff at (888) 714-4938 to find out about the latest savings programs.

5 Things to Know About Bertazzoni Ranges
1- High End Look Without the Price Tag & Fully Flush Installation

For decades, the Bertazzoni name has been associated with an exceptional dedication to high-end range design while consistently keeping their prices an average of 30% lower than other professional-looking ranges. While this approach may lead some manufacturers to cut corners or sacrifice quality, Bertazzoni has found an effective way to offer both high-end style and manageable prices without sacrificing either.

Since 2001, Bertazzoni manufacturing incorporates what’s known as the ‘Toyota Production System’. This revolutionary manufacturing system, based on how Toyota automobiles are produced, allows Bertazzoni to produce their products at exceptional speed and efficiently low costs without compromising quality. As a result, they offer customers products that are top-of-the-line in features and appearance.

One feature of the high-end appearance comes from the actual depth of their range. With the manufactured depth of 25 1/8-inches, Bertazzoni ranges sit perfectly flush with your existing cabinetry, creating the clean and custom-fitted look of an integrated kitchen.

Recently, Bertazzoni ranges received a major update. This was a long overdue overhaul which incorporated a good majority of consumer requests and comments.

2- To Color or Not to Color?

Another design feature that sets Bertazzoni ranges apart from the competition is the array of designer color options that are available. Rather than using the turn-of-the-century Ford Automobile motto “any color you want, as long as it’s black”, Bertazzoni recognizes that each customer is unique, with a unique set of design sensibilities. Bertazzoni offers you the opportunity to select not only the model that suits your functional needs, but also the color that suits your personality.

Bertazzoni’s unique paint job carries a touch of European flair, using the same triple-coat paint process used on high-end Italian sports cars. Paint finishes on Bertazzoni ranges span the color spectrum, so you’re guaranteed to find a finish that matches your unique style.

3- Basic vs. Deluxe Models within Bertazzoni Master and Professional Series Ranges

Bertazzoni ranges come under two main series. The Bertazzoni Master Series ranges and Professional Series ranges. Each series share the same features and specifications but subtle visual elements (such as knobs and bullnose design) differentiate them.

Recently, Bertazzoni added the Heritage series in the lineup. Again, using the same cooking platform but with a traditional look.

As part of the continued effort to offer a wide range (excuse the pun) of options for customers with all types of cooking needs and varying budgets, each Bertazzoni range style comes in either a basic (XE) or deluxe (XT) edition. Designed to provide even more options for those looking to add Bertazzoni style to their kitchen, the options in either edition provides a certain amount of flexibility based on cooking style and budget.

Basic Bertazzoni ranges feature aluminum burners, forgoing bonus features like a temperature gauge or storage drawer. The deluxe versions feature brass burners, which are known to last longer and perform more consistently over time. They also include a glide shelf, built-in temperature gauge and a storage drawer.

If you’re struggling to decide whether a basic or deluxe version will best suit your needs and budget, consider how you cook. Are you a casual cook, who will use your Bertazzoni range for the occasional family dinner or baked treat? Or are you a heavy user, someone who loves being in the kitchen and will get ample use out of bonus features included in the deluxe editions? Like Bertazzoni products themselves, it’s all about serving your individual and unique needs.

It is easy to get confused about different Bertazzoni models, so, in our recent blog post, we prepared an in depth review and video of which Bertazzoni range to buy.

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4- Two-Year Parts & Labor Warranty

A slightly unsung aspect of Bertazzoni’s dedication to customer satisfaction is their two-year parts and labor warranty. For those unfamiliar with the standard warranty practices of home appliance manufacturers, two years is double the one year standard that’s most common in the industry.

By covering parts and labor during this two-year period, Bertazzoni is expressing their confidence in the quality of their products and their dedication to the satisfaction of their customers. It’s more than just knowing that you’ll be covered if something goes wrong—it’s the assuredness of a company confident enough in their product to offer an exhaustive warranty.

5- Available As Part of Full Kitchen Appliance Package

Bertazzoni has long been known for exclusively manufacturing and selling ranges, but now there is more – a full kitchen appliance package that include refrigerators, dishwashers, microwaves, and of course ranges. With this whole new group of appliances featuring the Bertazzoni blend of design and budget-friendly pricing, your entire kitchen can be outfitted with an eye-catching, beautifully designed full kitchen suite.

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Popular Bertazzoni Ranges:
Bertazzoni Master Series XE 36" Range MAST365GASXE
Product Place Holder

  • 36" Gas Range, 5 Aluminum Burners
  • Performance & Control – 2 x 19K BTU Dual Ring Main Burners with Low Simmer
  • Allows for Flush Install with Counters – 25 1/8" Depth
  • Extra Large 5.9 cu. ft. Oven
  • Dual Convection, Temperature Gauge
  • Easy to clean one piece tempered oven glass
  • Wok Ring and Simmer Plate Included
  • Soft Motion Oven Door for Balanced Move
  • 15,000 BTU infrared broiler

Bertazzoni Master Series XE 30" Range MAST305GASXE
Product Place Holder

  • 30" Gas Range, 5 Aluminum Burners
  • Performance & Control – 19K BTU Dual Ring Main Burner with Low Simmer
  • Shares the other features of the 36" MAST365GASXE

Bertazonni Professional Series 36" Induction Range PROF365INSXT (Color Options)
Product Place Holder

  • Largest induction range in the industry
  • Maintop with 4 latest generation extra-large induction zones and bridging of right-side zones
  • 5.7 cu.ft electric oven with dual horizontal convection fans for even baking and roasting on 7 shelf levels

Bertazzoni Professional Series 24" Gas Range PRO244GASX
Product Place Holder

  • 24-inch Gas Range, 4 Aluminum Burners
  • 18K BTU Dual Ring Main Burner
  • 2.4 cu. ft. Oven
  • The 24-inch Bertazzoni comes with an amazing promotional offer geared towards people who live in an apartment. You can choose the free 24-inch range hood or the 30-inch over the range microwave with ventilation.

Bertazzoni Professional Series XT 36" Range PROF366GASXT (Color Options)
Product Place Holder

  • 36-inch Gas Range, 6 Brass Burners
  • Performance & Control – 2 x 19K BTU Dual Ring Main Burners with Low Simmer
  • Allows for Flush Install with Counters – 25 1/8" Depth
  • Extra Large 5.9 cu. ft. Oven
  • Dual Convection, Temperature Gauge
  • Easy to clean one piece tempered oven glass
  • Wok Ring and Simmer Plate Included
  • Soft Motion Oven Door for Balanced Move
  • 15,000 BTU infrared broiler


The folks at Bertazzoni innovate their design by combining old-world heritage with new world consumer feedback. With their understanding of cooking style, feature flexibility, varying budget, and a desire for high-end design flair, their ranges deserve deep consideration. Although we are drawn to how stunning their line is, we appreciate how confidently they stand behind the quality of their products. What have you considered while shopping for a Bertazzoni?


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