REVIEW: 24″ Fisher & Paykel DishDrawer Dishwasher DD24DCT9XN

REVIEW: 24″ Fisher & Paykel DishDrawer Dishwasher DD24DCT9XNWith the dish drawer market cornered, Fisher & Paykel have decided to update their Dish Drawer line up. We spent three months with this unit, and in that time it functioned well. Design & Styling9Ease of Use8Build Quality7Target Function8.5Warranty7.5PROS

  • Run a true half-load, no bending required.
  • Versatile racking system
  • Sanitize and Extra Dry options


  • Price is a little steep.
  • Plastics abound, we should see a stainless steel tub at this price.
  • Fast cycle is perhaps too fast, has trouble cleaning.

2018-09-048Overall Score

After spending three months with Fisher & Paykel’s new DishDrawer in our showroom commissary, we’ve grown found of this spunky, versatile home dishwasher. Of all the mid-range brands sold here in the U.S. today, Fisher & Paykel has shown it is not afraid to try new things.

From a 36″ DishDrawer that didn’t quite take off, to a Top-Loading Dryer that rethought the laundry user experience – Fisher & Paykel is constantly pushing the envelope on appliance innovation at an attainable price point – and thats one thing we love about this brand.

Fisher & Paykel DishDrawer Dishwasher Review

The model we tested is the DD24DCT9XN

For 2018, Fisher & Paykel Appliances has revamped it’s line-up, with updated styling and a new series of DishDrawer models. The model we’ve been testing is the DD24DCTX9N – a tall variant, with integrated handles and a single control panel.

In stainless steel, these dishwashers are stunning to look at. One welcome upgrade was the stainless steel accents on the handles and the redesigned control panel.

Interior of the Double DishDrawer

Standard Features of the DD24DCTX9N:

  • 14 Place Settings
  • 15 wash cycles, 3 wash modifiers, and 6 wash programs
  • Sanitize Cycle Option
  • Height Adjustable Cup Racks
  • Pitch-adjustable tines allow for both normal plates or large, deep bowls.
  • Ability to run a true half-load
  • 44 db sound rating
  • Standard 1 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty **

**currently there is a promotion running through June 30th, 2019, wherein certain select models of Fisher & Paykel dishwashers are eligible to receive a 5 year warranty bonus

Offered in both White and Black finish options

One Word Sums Up This Dishwasher: Versatility

Unlike any other dishwasher on the market today, the Fisher & Paykel DishDrawer is really different things to different people.

To the above 60 crowd, it’s a dishwasher that doesn’t require bending over. To the eco-friendly crowd, it’s Energy Star rating and ability to run a true “half-load” is a must-have.

The ability to run a half-load of dishes is a key feature.

We installed this dishwasher in our showroom commissary, where every employee goes to make their lunch and wash their dishes each day.

This was the perfect place, we thought, to not only put the dishwasher through it’s paces but also see the various reactions people gave while using it.

Our team does not take the time to load a dishwasher properly.

Our Team’s Reactions and Notes

“It looks a LOT better than the previous model.”

Stylistically specking, the new models are a home run. The previous model had a two-step control panel operation, with cycle setting controls on the inside of the unit, and start/stop and lock settings on the outside of the unit. It was a little confusing and clunky.

This years redesign, while not perfect, is a big move in the right direction.

Now all your cycles, start stop, and drawer selection can be handled from one panel.

The new control panel is better than the previous generation.

“It’s quieter than I would have expected.”

Fisher & Paykel rates the sound level at 44 db. Our simple decibel measuring app detected between 48-53 during our wash cycle use. This was still more than tolerable and what we would consider to be a “quiet” dishwasher.

“I’m surprised by how many dishes this thing can hold.”

It’s true. When you use the DishDrawer unit, you get the feeling you are able to fit a more dishes inside than you normally would be able to in a standard dishwasher. Is this true? We aren’t certain and we haven’t yet tested it out, but we can’t help shake the feeling when we’ve filled it that it holds more than we could easily get into a regular drop down door dishwasher.

The Fisher & Paykel DD24DCT9XN in White

Gripes and Nitpicks

The control panel redesign was indeed a welcome development. The only downside? Because both dishwasher drawers are operated from a single control panel, it can get a little confusing and hard to read at times.

On multiple occasions I have started the bottom dishwasher when I meant to start and select the top. And this is just down to not being able to easily see what each button’s function is.

We chose the integrated handle version.

In future design iterations, we would like to see this control panel get larger and perhaps use some kind of lighting indicator to let you know which drawer you are currently setting modes for.

Also, one element that is still mostly missing from the inside of these dishwashers is stainless steel. The tubs are made of plastic, and while they do get the job done, at this price point we feel that a stainless steel tub is not too much to ask.


Fisher & Paykel’s Double DishDrawer is still a unique product.

Fisher & Paykel Double DishDrawer in Stainless Steel

It’s unique in the fact that it is now the only dishwasher drawer design on the market in the United States. Here in South Florida, we’ve found them to be very popular, especially in condominiums where owners rarely have company and there is rarely a need to run a full-load of dishes.

The versatility this dishwasher offers is amazing. You can run one load on Intensive Sanitize, while your run a second load on Delicate, all at the same time. It is, quite literally, two dishwashers in one.

Finish options are Black, White, and Stainless Steel. Hats off to the design team for making both the Black and White variants look just as high-end as their Stainless Steel counterpart. At $1,369. for all variants, Fisher & Paykel has priced this model right for the features of the unit and the premium target market.


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