Whirlpool’s Feature-Rich Smart Microwave Does It All

When looking for the best rated microwaves, you should take a look at Whirlpool’s latest over-range model WMH78019HV, which brings much-needed smart features into the kitchen.

In theory, the Whirlpool smart app is just what homeowners and chefs have been looking forward to: A way to connect larger appliances to a wireless network and control them using the latest smart features. But the reality has been a little disappointing. The Whirlpool app takes up another slot on the smartphone, but hasn’t offered much but the ability to control a couple appliances, like your washer and dryer, when you are away from home. That’s why it’s exciting to see Whirlpool bring smart options to a luxury microwave.

This 30-inch range model ($380) has 1.9 cubic feet of space, 1,100 watts of power, and already includes advanced features like “scan to cook” which takes a look at the bar code on prepackaged food and suggests the right settings for you.

The Whirlpool app takes this a step further, allowing you to prep the convection oven mode at a distance (a move that really can save time), or create multiple cooking instructions for variations in temperature and cooking power without the need to hover over the meal you are prepping. There’s also an interesting popcorn feature that listens to how frequently your popcorn is popping so it can stop cooking before a popcorn bag gets badly burnt.

Whirlpool’s smart microwave is particularly spacious.

In addition to all the sensors and smartphone management, the model also includes many upgraded cleaning functions.

There’s a slick coating that helps you clean the microwave without using cleaning chemicals, a SteamClean mode to loosen stuck-on particles, and a 4-speed fan to get rid of odors ASAP. Basically, Whirlpool threw almost everything but the kitchen sink at this microwave, making it one of the most feature-rich models we’ve ever seen.

On the downside, the WMH78019HV isn’t very user friendly. The control panel is surprisingly off-putting, a strip of buttons unusually placed at the bottom of the door with no clear indicators on how to quickly program the microwave. Shoppers wandering through the store looking at models may walk past this one simply because it looks like too much work – which is too bad, because inside Whirlpool really has created an impressive microwave.

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