Vitamix 7500 Blender Review Roundup

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Unlike the Blendtec models, the Vitamix 7500 blender ($520) is all about traditional controls: You won’t find any high tech features anywhere near this blender, but you will find a whole lot of power. Is that enough? Let’s take a look at features and reviews!


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Features of the Vitamix 7500 Blender

The Vitamix comes with a 1656 watt motor, probably the most powerful outside of professional blenders designed for restaurants. It also has a fairly large 64-ounce jar that can hold a lot of ingredients at one time. Other than the 10 variable speed options, there’s really not a lot of other features to talk about, here.


  • Sturdy and very powerful
  • Excellent jar design


  • No extra features
  • Outdated controls

Extra simple controls, but not many options.


C-Net found the Vitamix blender to be very consistent in results and very, very easy to use. In fact, their review pointed out that it may be a little too easy to use – the controls are so traditional and simple that you lack customization and there aren’t really any extra features for making adjustmnets or moving to different modes. It’s more of a sight and feel blender, which may not be for everyone.

“If you’re a blender fanatic who’s dead set on buying a super-high-powered machine, you’ll want to look at what Blendtec has to offer alongside Vitamix, as both performed well in our tests, with mostly aesthetic differences between the two brands (Blendtec offers a touch-screen interface while Vitamix offers a physical dial, for instance). If you choose Vitamix, you’ll also want to be sure and consider its other models. The Vitamix 5200, for example, offers the same general level of performance as the 7500, but costs about $80 less.”

Consumer Reports

Consumer Reports noted that the blender did extremely well in all of its tests: This makes sense, because CR is primarily interested in mechanical tests that judge how well a blender completes specific tests. Thanks to its super-powerful motor, the Vitamix model zipped through these tests effortlessly. However, that doesn’t say much about features. It is worth noting that the lowest spec score from CR was “Noise,” which rated merely a “Good.”

“Icy Drinks (Smoothies): This model performed excellent in our icy drinks (Smoothies) test, sensory panelists judged the smoothness and thickness of non-alcoholic pina coladas made by each model. Blenders that do well for icy drinks also do well for smoothies.

Puree: This model performed excellent in our pureeing soup test.

Ice Crush: This model performed excellent in our ice crush test, which gauges how well blenders crush ice without water using a non pulse function.

Noise: This model was judged good for how noisy the blender is, running with 1 cup of water for 30 secs.”

Amazon Users

Amazon users generally agreed that this Vitamix model was very expensive, but also an excellent performer that could easily blend anything, and excelled at liquifying ingredients with high-powered action. There is one note, however – some models appear to dislodge Teflon particles into the food, a design flaw that appears to only hit a small number of the blenders.

“I bought the Vitamix hoping to make green smoothies and fruit smoothies. I was really excited by the machine’s power. However I noticed tiny black specks on my smoothies. I did a Google search and found out the specs are Teflon particles!! Really, Vitamix?? Then I found out Vitamix is aware of this problem since last summer and hasn’t done anything to address it! And continues to sell the product!!! When I pay this much money for a product hoping to improve my family’s eating habits, I should expect not having teflon pieces in my food. I will not serve my family Teflon with their smoothies. I’m returning it.”

Bottom Line

This Vitamix blender can liquify pretty much anything with ease and is surprisingly quiet for its power. However, it doesn’t offer anything in the way of extra features, customization, or high tech components.

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