Kegtron Wireless Keg Monitor Makes Your Tap Smarter

You could argue that with each beer that we have, we get dumber and dumber, but that’s okay because your beer taps just got smarter. Good thing too, because after a night of drinking someone should be running the show.

Beer Stats When You Need Them

The Kegtron is a wireless keg monitor that will keep the beer flowing so that the party doesn’t have to end. Are you always worried that your beer could run out at any time? Well, there’s no need for beer anxiety. Kegtron will keep an eye on everything. It is the ultimate bar accessory.

Throughout history, it’s always been a guess as to how much remains in the keg. No one knows for sure. I’ve even seen a psychic hired for some festivities so that she could divine when the keg is coming to an end. Okay, I made that up, but you get the point. With Kegtron you know exactly what is going on with your beer.

It’s all thanks to some affordable hardware and an accompanying app. The keg monitor is a wireless device that keeps constant watch over what goes in and out of your keg. You can put it in your fridge, kegerator or keezer. It’s simple to install and splash-resistant. Plus, all of the keg stats and history are stored in the keg monitor, so if you delete your app or upgrade your phone, you won’t lose any info. It comes in single and dual tap versions.

The Kegtron keeps an eye on your beer.

A Simple Device and App Do All Of The Work

The app handles it all from your phone or tablet. Your keg stats are always at your fingertips. Whether you have a single tap kegerator or twenty handles, the iOS, and Android app will take care of it all. You won’t have to mess around with settings at all. Just load the app, launch it and always know what your beer is up to.

If you love beer and need to keep track of it, the Kegtron is what you need.

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